Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 22nd October 2019 written update: Mishti denies to leave the family people post marriage

The episode begins with Mishti is thinking about the words of Abir while doing jogging in the park. She is quite disturbed by all the happenings around her. She is in a dilemma regarding Abir’s decision to leave the house or stay in the house. She meets Kunal at the jogging Park and both of them got into a verbal argument with each other. Parul offers water to Meenakshi but she refuses it and says Abir cannot leave me like that and go. Parul says Abir will not go anywhere we will make sure that he stays with us forever.

Kunal and Mishti face each other and Mishti asks him are you happy now after creating a rift between your own family? Kunal asks what are you talking about? Mishti says always supported you not like a big brother but like a best friend. Kunal says Abir doesn’t want to leave the house for me but for you. he wants to leave all of us because he wants to stay with you why don’t you leave him so that the problem gets solved. Even if you know there is no alternative solution to this problem. Mishti says I am not a selfish person Kunal, if I got to understand that leaving him will benefit him for good then I will be left by now. But you are a very selfish person because for the sake of your own ego and happiness you want Abir to go through the worst kind of pain of his life. I really hope you could be the kind of brother Abir truly deserves in his life.
Meenakshi called Mehul and ask him to meet her at the main office for concluding the cold war that is going on between them.

She says that now it will be all will end or it will ruin forever. Abir is doing the shopping for his new house, he shows some nameplate designs to his father when Mishti reaches the spot. She tries to do the shopping and make Abir realizes how vulnerable they are going to be without the family. Abir says I know you do it doesn’t want to stay away from family. Mishti says in childhood when my own parents abandoned me, I genuinely thought I will never be able to get a family of my own. My grandfather and grandmother taught me what are the values of a family.

How important a family can be for a person? Hence I would never like to stay away from family members. She requested Abir to allow her some time to give the whole scenario a proper thought. Abir instantly agrees and says it is our marriage so the decision needs to be mutual.

Meenakshi instructs Uma Patel to shift all the meetings and official works to the main office as she needs privacy in the office today.

Mishti had a phone call with Rajshri and she advised her to have a word with Meenakshi and maybe it can and give her a solution to this problem. She said maybe you are thinking that she will not pay heed to your words but who knows she can believe in you. Mishti arrives at Meenakshi’s office and thinks if I love Abir then I have to be cordial with Meenakshi aunty as well. She says however she can be but at the end of the day, she is the mother of Abir. She comes inside the office room where is Mehul also present at the office to meet Meenakshi.

Both of them start to argue and throw blame at each other. Mehul says for your 1 police complaint I have lost 20 important years of my life. Even I can have a happy secured and settled life but due to you, I was unable to do it. Mishti noticed Mehul inside the cabin of Meenakshi and she wonders what these two are talking about?

Precap – Mishti tries to investigate about the whereabouts of Mehul. Meenakshi noticed Mishti at her cabin