Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 22nd September 2020 Written Update: Abir and Kunal shocks Rajvansh’s

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 22nd September 2020 Written Update on

Today’s episode starts with Abir pretending to be Lord Krishna’s voice. Mishti catches him. The duo shares a talk. Further, Mishbir decides to prepare breakfast for Kuhu. Abir and Mishti prepares the healthy breakfast for Kuhu. There, Meenakshi asks Kaushal to bring FD transfer form for her. Nidhi asks Kaushal to ask Meenakshi to whom she is giving the money. Kaushal ignores Nidhi.

Ahead, Mishti says to Abir that she will be his strength from now. Meenakshi spots the duo. Abir hears about FD transfer form and doubts on Meenakshi. Here, Mishti talks about Rajshree. Rajshree gives pregnancy tips to Mishti for Kuhu. Varsha over hears Rajshree’s talk and shows her disappointment. Rajshree says to Varsha she is not doing good by ignoring Kuhu. She says she will support Kuhu.

Further, Kuhu thinks about modeling contract. She was about to fall and Mishti supports her. Afterwards, Abir decides to do something for Kuhu and Mishti along with Kunal. Abir and Kunal turns Kuhu and Mishti and performs a dance. Rajvansh’s enjoys.

Later, Mishti and Kuhu turn Abir and Kunal and acts like them. Meeankshi sees them and stands shocked. Abir and Kunal praises Kuhu and Mishti. Further, Kuhu gets a call from Jasmeet. She asks her if Varsha cooled down or not? Jasmeet alerts Kuhu to take care, what if Rajvansh will throw her when their work is done.

Here, Kunal tells about company party. Kuhu gets happy learning about party. Meenakshi signals to Parul and she stops Kuhu from attending the party. Meenakshi thinks once baby will come, she will keep her promise done to Kuhu. Afterwards, Abir romance Mishti. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Kuhu gets insecured seeing Mishti getting importance.