Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar ke 23rd January 2020 Written Update: ABIR ASKS NISHANT ANOTHER CHANCE TO GET MISHTI BACK

The episode starts with Maheshwaris getting ready to go to temple. Mishti recalls Abir proposing her in that temple. Nishant tells her that she changed everybody’s mood by changing the temple.

Later Abir recitates a poem saying that he believes that God will not let his love lose. Mishti comes in the temple. Parul tells Abir that she is going to do parikrama. Abir asks her if she thinks that Mishti will come back with that. Parul replies to let her try. She goes.

Abir is about to ring the bell of temple and does that on the exact moment Mishti does it. They look at each other and recall saying I love you to each other. Maheshwaris comes. Abir says that he didn’t know they were coming and adds that he shall leave but Rajshri says that this isn’t their house but God’s and they can’t stop anybody to come there. Abir still decides to leave and while he walks away Mishti recalls his words when he had proposed her. Abir thanks Ambe Maa as she made him and Mishti meet in the temple.

Nishant and Mishti start the rituals of mauli pooja and Mishti thinks that it feels like she and Abir promised to stay together in this temple in another life and tells herself that this is the begining of her new life.

Just then Mrs. Parekh comes and asks Nishant if he is the one who Mishti is going to sacrifice next. Varsha asks her not to speak like this in the temple. Mrs. Parekh replies that they didn’t understand anything from the first two times that they re trying to get Mishti married for the third time.

Vishambharnat asks everybody to leave. Mrs. Parekh says from behind that the first marriage broke before engagement, the second one after engagement and wonders if this one will reach the Mandap. Mishti asks where her son’s marriage reached. Varsha and Rajshri ask her to leave it.

Mrs. Parekh says that she has a lot of defects and the first one is her attitude of talking a lot: she first wanted to know the guy before marrying and then fell in love with his brother but he left her too and she caught someone else. She asks how things already reached to mauli pooja after few months that her marriage got broken. She asks why anyone would marry her and asks if there is any answer.

Abir comes and says there is. He walks to Mrs. Parekh and says that it is not needed to give answers to her though. Parul is seen praying for Abir to get Mishti. Abir says that it is every girl’s right to know her would be husband but not everybody is as courageous as Mishti to ask for this right but Mishti did and she even understood that Kunal wasn’t right for her, that is why now Kunal has Kuhu and he has his bro, or else there are people like Ketki’s parents who didn’t check the background of her son and fixed his marriage with Ketki.

He adds that Nishant is Mishti’s best friend and has promised to always stand by Mishti because his parents taught him this unlike her son who wanted to marry twice. He says that Nishant could have answered him too but he respects a woman standing in the temple unlike her. He asks her to leave as God is not going to listen to her prayer. He is about to leave but just then Mrs. Parekh asks him why Mishti left her if she is that good.

Abir says that Mishti is very precious and he will regret his whole life for having left her. He says that it was his biggest mistake. Mrs. Parekh asks which mistake. Parul comes and is about to reply but Vishambharnat asks her to stop as he doesn’t want anybody else’s pooja to get ruined. He asks everybody to leave.

Mishti is about to leave but her dupatta gets stuck with Abir’s watch. They look at each other. Saathya plays. Abir removes the dupatta from his watch and keeps looking at Mishti. Then they both leave towards opposite sides. Abir turns to look at Mishti going.

Nishant is waiting for Mishti and asks where she is. Rajshri says that she is gone to give darshna to Pandit ji. Jasmeet says she wants to go home. Kuhu says they will go home with Jasmeet and asks Nishant to come along Mishti. Nishant agrees and goes back towards the temple but stops hearing Kuhu telling Rajshri that she felt like Vishambharnat is going to forgive Abir. Rajshri says that Abir is not bad but his decisions are and she feels that they should forgive him too but now Mishti is Nishant’s fiancée. Vishambharnat says that Nishant is the good choice for Mishti and he is proud of his choice. Nishant leaves.

Parul asks Abir why she didn’t tell Mishti that he had left her because of Kunal. Abir says that he doesn’t want to force her to come back. Parul says that it’s her right to know the truth. Abir gets convinced and rushes to talk to Mishti.

Abir reaches Mishti and is about to speak but Mishti cuts him saying that she knows he didn’t come purposely but she can defend herself and her family alone. Abir says that he knows her angry chorni is enough for hundred Mrs. Parekhs. Mishti says that she is not his anymore as he is her past and nobody can change this fact. She is about to leave but Abir grabs her wrist saying that she is his past, present and future. Abir tries explaining her what happened but she refuses to listen saying that her marriage date is coming and nobody can change it. She asks him to let her go. Nishant sees them. Mishti leaves and her mauli dhaaga gets removed.

Nishant goes to Abir asking him what game he is playing now. Abir says he isn’t playing any game. Nishant says he doesn’t believe her after what he did at the roka and asks him to respect Mishti’s decision of choosing him. Abir replies that Mishti just chose her family over him. Nishant gets angry and asks him to back off. Abir keeps saying that Mishti chose his family the way he had done and it was a mistake as his mother had asked her to leave Mishti or else she will disown Kunal.

Nishant is shocked. Abir asks him to let him tell Mishti this truth. Nishant asks what will happen if she doesn’t change her decision even after knowing about this. Abir tells Nishant that this temple is the same where they confessed love to each other and he will promise in this same place that he will never come in front of Mishti if she refuses him after he tells her the truth.

On the other hand Mishti asks Kuhu where is Nishant. Kuhu notices she has lost her mauli dhaaga and asks her to find it or else Jasmeet will get mad. Jasmeet comes and asks her to find the mauli or else it will be inauspicious. Nishant comes and says that he has the mauli. He then distracts everybody saying that he wants red colour invitation card not chocolate color. Jasmeet and Kuhu leaves to decide another invitation card.

Mishti is about to speak but Nishant stops her recalling Abir’s words. He asks Mishti to talk alone with him.
Kunal asks Abir how he can trust Nishant. Abir says that he said everything in flow and decides to call Mishti. Kunal says that it is Mishti’s marriage tomorrow and he has no time. Abir says he has to plan something. He says that Nishant has 3 hours to tell the truth to Mishti or else he will tell her everything by himself.

Nishant ties mauli on Mishti’s wrist. Mishti apologizes for meeting Abir who wanted to talk to her but she didn’t listen to him. Nishant says he wants to talk about this only.

Episode ends

Precap: Mishti shouts Abir’s name crying. Abir comes and opens his arms. Mishti runs to hug him. Abir promises to love her forever. Nishant sees them.