Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 23rd October 2019 written update: Mishti tries to find out the truth herself

The episode begins with Mehul is coming out of the cabin of Meenakshi and he asks her did you realize now how much wrong you are? Mishti is listening to their conversation from another room. She thinks maybe they had an argument but then she wonders why Mehul uncle is having a smile on his face? Mehul gets a call from Abir and he picks it up and lied to him about his location. Mishti wonders why Mehul’s uncle needs to tell a lie? Why even Meenakshi aunty is keeping quiet? Mishti develops a doubt about the whole thing and she realizes that she needs to find out the truth herself. She noticed Meenakshi is going out of her cabin and decides to have a check on the laptop of Meenakshi.

Abir is talking to a doctor over the phone regarding the health of his father. He asks Jugnu to pack the goodies he prepared for Diwali celebrations. Jugnu says he wants to go with him to his new house. Abir says I will surely take you with me but I am a selfish person because if you are not here who is going to inform me whether my grandfather has taken his medicine or not and whether Kunal went for office or not? Jugnu says from the day I was here in this house you are the one person who always took care of me, hence now I will not leave you. Kunal comes down and listens to their conversation when Jugnu sees him and says I am making breakfast for you Kunal brother. He says no need for it as you want to go with Abir’s brother right? So drop it and I will adjust myself as I have to manage in the future too. Abir also says to Jugnu that yes he will manage, just like I managed to live without a brother in spite of having one. I used to feel that I can make things right but now I have started to accept fate the way it is. Kunal gets teary-eyed to listen to these words of Abir.

Mishti enters the cabin of Meenakshi by tricking the office people. She covers her face with a chunk of files and pretends as if she is going to hand over those files to Meenakshi. Mishi checked the database saved in a laptop of Meenakshi and got to know that on every important occasion of the Rajvansh family, Mehul used to be present in the Rajkot city. She wonders if he is in the Rajkot city itself then why didn’t he tried to contact Abir much earlier? She tries to process the events one after another in her head and confused that all these happenings can’t be a mere coincidence. There has to be something I am missing and not able to see.

Meenakshi meets Lakshman and asks him to keep an eye on Mehul 24/7 just to have an insight on what is going on in his mind.

Mishti is confused with all the information she had. Mishti gets a call from Abir and he told her that he trusts her and his father so much in this world, in fact, more than anybody. She thinks this trust of him shouldn’t get broken badly. Meenakshi informs Parul to prepare for the engagement ceremony of Abir in a grand way. She says his happiness matters to me and if that means I have to bring Mishti in my house as my daughter-in-law I am ready for it. Meenakshi comes to her cabin and sees Mishti is there. Mishti says I just came now to meet you and also assures Meenakshi by saying I love Abir so much and I will never let him get hurt, please have some trust in me. She leaves from the cabin and Meenakshi thinks if by giving away all these luxuries and wealth to Mehul I can keep my son with myself I am ready for it.

Precap – Mishti says in front of the whole family that he has taken the right call by deciding to leave separately post marriage.