Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 23rd September 2019 written update: Abir gets a strange call and feels shaken

The episode starts with Abir is waiting outside of the Maheshwari house, Rajshri comes with Mishti and says that she wants to talk to you for a while but don’t take much time. Mishti agrees and the moment Rajshri left she hugs Abir tightly and says that last night I thought I I almost lose you forever. I was so terrified and she is getting more emotional when Abir cuts her short in between and says your grandfather will never do anything that hurts you. Misty ask a beer if he is an astrologer, future visualizer or World Lord. Abir smiles and says I don’t know about the universe but I will be your Lord for life. Mishti smiles when Abir is getting back to back calls on his phone.

Mishti asks Abir to pick the call for once as it can be important. Abir says they want to sell something but I don’t need anything as I have everything that I need in my life. Varsha is crying in her room when Shaurya tries to console her. Jasmeet comes there and says to control herself. Rajshri and Vishwambhar comes at the room and asks Shaurya would you sacrifice the love and the company of Varsha for life for anybody else?

Shaurya says no way I am going to sacrifice my love and I completely agree with whatever you are saying. Rajshri says none of our daughters will sacrifice their happiness for anybody else we will not put them in such circumstances. She consoles Varsha and Vishwambhar says we need to make a force to change the mindset of Kunal not deprive Mishti of her love. He also says that whatever dispute is between Mishti and Meenakshi that has to be handled by Abir and Mishti together, we can’t do anything in that case.

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On the insist of Mishti Abir picks the call and says whatever you may be selling but I don’t need anything as I have all the things I need. Mishti hits him playfully when a voice comes out of the phone. Mehul says to Abir on the phone that his father needs his son. He needs his help up and he wants to meet him. Abir’s hand starts to shake and he drops the phone couldn’t believe that he gets a call. The phone call gets cut and Mishti asks Abir to call back on the same number. Abir says someone must have played a prank on me.

Kunal was waiting for Abir and it was quite late. He spots Jugnu and asks him about the Abir but Jugnu says that he must have got stuck somewhere for some work, he will definitely come. Kunal gets angry and says I am going as I want my brother, not a gift.

Meenakshi comes to meet Mehul and he is the one whom Abir and Mishti save that day in Mumbai. She warns him to stay away from her family and kids. She says there is no place for him in their lives and family and if he tries to cross his limit then he should be ready to face the consequences of it. Mehul says I am already ruined and have nothing to lose in my life so I am not going to be afraid of any threats warnings. He says my right to meet my son and it is their right to meet me and know me. I will definitely meet my son one day like today I had a talk with him over the phone and I know he will fight for me.

Mishti uses the app in Abir’s phone to locate the area from where the call came. suddenly she noticed that Meenakshi is in Ganesh temple and she wonders as Meenakshi stopped worshipping Ganesh post that departure of her husband. She informed the same to Abir and both of them decided to go there physically and have a check. Meenakshi and Mehul are arguing in the temple, Mehul says he will definitely meet his sons and she will be unable to do anything. Abir and Mishti richest temple and coming up from the stairs.

Precap: Yrhpk latest promo of Mishti’s birthday gift to Abir.