Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 24th August 2019 written update:- Kunal and Kuhu get married to each other

The episode starts with Abir asks Mishti what did you just say? Mishti says I said what you heard now. Abir says but I haven’t heard anything to her to tease her and she smiles at him. She walks off a bit and says then I didn’t say anything at all and looks at him. Abir smiles and tells her that today what we confess together was just a formality. This thing we said and heard, again and again, many times through our actions. Mishti smiles and says I was living under the impression that maybe you don’t want to listen to this or maybe I will never be able to confess it any day.

Mishti says I literally got scared after that day that maybe you will hate me now. Abir says for once my grandfather can become young or Jugnu can change his style but Abir can never be able to hate Mishti. Mishti gets overwhelmed with his words and says you know what Abir you made my fairytale stories of childhood true. I always wanted a life partner who will never doubt me and will trust me. You made my childhood fairytale true Abir. Abir says keep on complimenting me like this, I know I am a complete package. Mishti says I know you are saying all these to make me happy.

Here in Maheswari house, Nidhi is slamming Kuhu for making the knot catches fire, Parul stops her and says she didn’t do anything on purpose. I will manage it, Parul fixes the knot when the priest said the rounds are complete already. He says now the groom and bride have to complete the final rituals together. Jasmeet says Kuhu don’t think much, we hide the shoes at a place where none can reach out to it. Yashpal asks Nidhi to bring the stuff to perform the last ritual. Here in the temple, Abir asks Mishti to go back home and also tries to ask for an apology on behalf of his mom. Mishti asks him not to be and shows her concern over the fact that will it ever going to happen between us? Abir says hatred can be big as a mountain but love will eventually emerge as the winner. Mishti says our fight is against our own people so we need to win them and their love not to defeat them. Abir looks at her in adoration and agrees.

In Maheswari house, the priest asks Kunal to tie a nuptial chain around Kuhu’s neck. Kunal frowns at first but then he tied the chain around her neck. Abir reaches Maheshwari house. Mishti is reluctant to go inside the house when Abir shows her the gift he bought for her. Misty gets overwhelmed and happy to see the chain and Abir ties it up around her neck, Mishti gets happy and kisses the pendant. She went inside with his hand in hand.

Kunal and Kuhu are finally married and they are taking blessings from the elders when Abir and Mishti come in the house holding each other’s hand. Kunal is angry to see them together and he looks at his mother with so much anger. Mishti comes to Kuhu and asks for an apology, Kuhu gets happy and hugs her. Kunal is so pissed right now and he excused himself and went outside.

Meenakshi assures the family members that she is going behind Kunal when Abir says he trust her enough to believe that she will get him back. All are getting tensed when Kuhu asks Mishti why did you come back? Abir says to Kuhu it is completely fine but Kuhu is tensed because of Kunal. Meenakshi tries to calm down Kunal but he is so angry with her. He says do you realize now the mom that Abir brings back Mishti holding her hand? Do you realize that Mishti completely ruined your planning and plotting? At least now can you understand that you have lost the bet? Meenakshi listens to him silently and then says Kunal let’s go inside as you have promised me.

They are about to turn when they see Varsha and Rajshri are standing there looking at them surprisingly. Inside Nidhi asks Yashpal where did Kunal go now? Did he again escape? Mishti, Vishwambhar, Abir, and everyone in the house get shocked to listen to Nidhi’s words. Vishwambhar asks Yashpal what Nidhi is talking about? Abir and Ketki come forward and manages the situation. At the same time, Kunal entered the house with Rajshri, Varsha and Meenakshi.

All of them settle down in the house and they are enjoying the party when Nidhi says that the shoes of Kunal are with Jasmeet and they try to snatch it from her. she tries to run but stumbles and one shoe get off from her leg. She gets upset when Abir says I am here now so you can not win now. Mishti tricks Abir and gets the pair of shoes back and Nidhi calls Abir donkey. Abir says it happened by mistake. Kunal gets angry seeing Mishti happy and cheerful with her family again and he shouts enough.

Later on, Abir asks Kunal What is the matter? Why he is behaving like this? Kunal asks Vishwambhar that if the rituals are complete then can they proceed for departure from the house. Yashpal says Kunal is being restless to take his wife back home. They proceed for preparations when Mishti comes to Kunal with some snacks and says you are my brother-in-law now so can we start fresh? Kunal blames her for being in a forced relationship but keeps mum.

Kuhu is finally bidding goodbye to Maheshwari’s and is all set to go Rajvansh house. She meets Mishti and says now this house, rooms everything belongs to you. Mishti says I know and I will not use your bed and cries with each other. Kunal comes to Mishti and gives her money for shoe snatching. He tells her to keep this money intact as when your sister will return from a failed marriage this will help her. Mishti gets shocked by his words.

Precap – Kunal tells Kuhu that he never loved her, Abir and Mishti plants for their first official date.