Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 24th February 2020 Written Update: MISHTI’S GRAND WELCOME IN RAJVANSH MANSION

The episode starts with Mishti’s bidaai happening. “Babul jo tumne seekhaya” plays. Mishti cries looking at her family. She sits in car with Abir and is not ready to leave Rajshri’s hand but then the car starts. Abir holds Mishti’s hand and says that today is the first day of their story.

On the other hand Kunal tells Kuhu that today is the last day of their misunderstandings. They burn the divorce papers together. Kunal says that he is not creative like his brother, he doesn’t know about poetry, photography music and didn’t even know any other color except black and white before meeting her. He tells Kuhu that he is so boring that he is unable to believe that someone can like him so much and he can’t even believe that he can like her so much. Kuhu smiles and says that it was the worst proposal ever. Kunal says that he will learn if she teaches him. Kuhu asks if she has to teach him all this also and he replies yes she has. They hug but their moment is interrupted by Nidhi who calls them downstairs since Mishti and Abir are coming.

In the car Mishti recalls Jasmeet’s words about her breaking every house she steps into.
Meenakshi, Parul, Nanu, Ketki and her father come back home. Kuhu tells Meenakshi that everything is ready for GP. Meenakshi asks what it is. Kuhu says GP as Ghar Parwesh. Meenakshi says that she didn’t like it. Kuhu gets upset.

Abir makes the car stop and comes out. Mishti asks what happened. He tells her that he is feeling strange. Mishti asks him to relax. He says that he can’t trust Meenakshi.
Kuhu apologizes and asks what she didn’t like. Meenakshi says that all this is good but there is kuhuness in it. She says that she wants Abir and Mishti’s ghar Parwesh to be particular.

Abir is tensed because he won’t be able to do anything if Meenakshi plans something. Mishti asks him to stop it and reminds him that he is not alone and they will face all the problems. Abir asks her to remember this too when she will be worried next time. He says that they are always together. Mishti is about to speak but Abir puts a finger on her lips and recitates a poetry. They hug.

Parul says that Kuhu arranged everything beautifully. Kuhu reminds Jasmeet saying that Parul is a servant so her opinion is not important. She asks Meenakshi if she thought something. Meenakshi asks Kuhu to remove all this since she wants the ghar Parwesh to be memorable for Mishti.

Meanwhile Abir tells Mishti that whatever Jasmeet said to her was wrong. He promises her that she will not be a poor daughter-in-law like tv serials and asks her to promise that she will share everything with him. Mishti promises that. Abir thinks that there is huge difference between his family and Mishti’s family and asks God’s help to keep Mishti happy.

Rajshri and Vishambharnat are feeling emotional after Mishti has left. Rajshri says that she is scared and asks Vishambharnat if Meenakshi will do something bad with Mishti. He looks on.
Abir and Mishti come home and open the door. There is just darkness and nobody is there. Mishti wonders if everyone left them and if everything is fine. Abir thinks that Meenakshi is responsible of all this.

Rajshri is scared that Kuhu might have said something to Mishti. She tells Vishambharnat that Kuhu and Mishti dislikes each other and now they are together in a house with a mother-in-law like Meenakshi. She wonders if they will be able to stay together. Vishambharnat says they will stay together happily because they got married to two nice boys and Abir and Kunal support their family a lot and will keep their respective wives happy.

The Rajvansh family surprises Mishti and Abir coming ahead all of a sudden. Kunal asks if they liked the surprise. Mishti says it was the best Ghar Prawesh. Abir asks Kuhu if it was her idea. She denies. Kunal says it was his idea. Kuhu tells Abir that it was not their idea.

Meenakshi comes and asks if she can’t have coolness like Kuhu. Abir smiles. Meenakshi tells Mishti that this was a message for her since from now onwards whenever she will feel lonely and think that there is darkness around her, she should recall this moment and call them and they all will be with them. Meenakshi asks Kuhu to bring kalash and kumkum ki thaal. She asks Jugnu to bring carpet. Abir says that it is not needed but Meenakshi says they have to welcome the elder daughter-in-law grandly with heart. Everybody agrees.

Kuhu puts kumkum thaal on Mishti’s feet. Mishti puts a step on it but is about to fall and the kumkum splash goes on Kuhu’s face. Kunal rushes to her. Abir asks both Mishti and Kuhu if they are fine. They say it’s ok.
Mishti steps inside the house. Meenakshi goes to Kuhu and says she will wipe off the kumkum from her face but Kuhu says she is fine. Meenakshi smiles but just then she sees something in kumkum thaal.

Kunal congratulates to Abir and Mishti. He calls her bhabhi. Ketki says that she has to think how to call Mishti since bhabhi is boring and she already calls Kuhu bhabs. Mishti says that she will try but she can’t be like Kuhu since Kuhu is irreplaceable. Meenakshi tells Mishti that her place is in heart instead and she will try to make a place in her heart as well. Kunal says that she loves Abir more so she will love Mishti more too. Meenakshi suggests Mishti to pull Kunal’s ears when he does like this. Mishti pulls Kunal’s ear. Everybody laughs.

Abir asks Kuhu if she feels that they got sidelined in their own story too. Kuhu takes a selfie with Abir and says that they are the real hero and heroine. Meenakshi looks on.

Then the family starts playing a game organized for Mishti and Abir in which they have to get the ring from a plate with milk inside it.

Meenakshi says that if Abir wins then Kuhu will get silver coins and if Mishti wins then these coins will remain with her which means that Abir can make her mother lose and Mishti can make her win. Nidhi gets upset because Mishti could defeat Kuhu. The latter says that she is sure Abir will win.
Abir and Mishti start the game. Meenakshi thinks that now she will see if Mishti will try making her win or she will play for her sister.

Episode ends

Precap: Mishti tells Kuhu that they are sisters-in-law but she refuses to accept this relation. Meenakshi looks at two towers made by silver coins and says that both sistsers have built their towers in the house but they don’t know that no tower can stay upright in front of Meenakshi Rajvansh. She breaks the towers of coins.