Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 24th October 2019 written update: Mishti announces her decision in front of the whole family

Episode begins with Jugnu handovers the wrong envelope to Abir. He took it and went to his room. Mishti comes home and sees Ketki, Nidhi and Parul are in her house with gifts and dresses. Ketki welcomes her and says my would be sister in law is here. She says in excitement that I can’t believe both of my best friends are going to be my sister in laws. Nidhi says to Mishti, Kuhu is making us learn English words so that we can speak it well. What will you make us learn? Mishti says there country any comparison between me and Kuhu. She is the best and whatever she does, she does it in the best way possible. Ketki is so excited think that Mishti is going to be her daughter in law and she asks her to choose a lehenga from the below options. Mishti excused herself from there by giving an explanation for remembering an important work and comes out of the house and starts to think again.

Free things is it possible that due to being away from all these years it starts, Abir is trusting his father way too much without having a single doubt for his intention. She gets video call from Abir but she cuts the call. she calls him again and he says haven’t you done with your backup process how much glow you want? Mishti says do come with a pair of glasses for eyes, else it will get damaged with my brightness. Abir says I am ok with it as both of us will wear specs from now on. Mishti cuts the call after having a conversation with him, she again gets into thinking but gets surprised to find Mehul there standing behind him.

Abir is about to open the envelope of Meenakshi but she comes at the end moment and hands over him the correct envelope. She says I have always respected the privacy of yours and you should do the same by not opening anybody else courier. She comes down when Parul inform that everybody in the Maheshwari house are so elated with all the things and I told them that you wanted to come as well but due to work you couldn’t make it. Meenakshi says I hope by today evening 6:00 p.m. everything goes right. Meenakshi gets a text from Mehul that he has done his work. Mishti comes at Rajvansh house and meets all the people.

She say to Meenakshi about she is not being the kind of girl as a mother she would like to have for her son. Meenakshi says I was so angry at you and that is why I have always give you an earful. However I can say swearing on my God, neither I told lie that day nor I am telling one today. For me the happiness of my kids matters the most, if my son is happy with you… and Mishti cuts her sentence and says, “you will accept me for the sake of Abir”.

Mishti announcer her decision in front of the whole family and declare that whatever has decided for thought, I am going to support him in this matter. I have no objection with his decision. This announcement of her shocks of the enter Rajvansh family and they were so shocked Mishti is sending with Abir and actually supporting him living the family. Mehul is also so disappointed but self all his dreams and depending on this single decision.

Mishti thinks in her mind, I have to know the entire thing properly before concluding my dear intentions and front of anyone and especially Abir. Nidhi aunty provoking Varsha that she was right about Mishti going away from that house so that Kuhu can live there happily ever after. Meenakshi slams Mehul not able to keep up his words and she said that I will not give you anything from my property now.

On the other hand, Abir and Mishti are doing a cycle ride together after a long time. Abir has arranged a beautiful surprise for Mishti and she gets very much excited and overwhelmed to see the effort that Abir took for her. She is happy to see the nameplate and asks Abir if he is happy? Abir says if you are with me then whatever happens in the future I will be happy.

Precap – Yashpal gives a pair of bangles to Mishti and save this belongs to the grandmother of Abir. Meenakshi kept it safe for the wife of Abir and today she gave me this and asked to handover it to you. Yashpal request Mishti to make Abir agree to stay back in the house.