Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 26th August 2019 written update:- Kunal asks Kuhu to go back home

The episode begins with Misty is jogging at night while the words of Kunal is making her worried. She gets in deep thinking that “Kuhu’s marriage will fail and she will be back home” why will Kunal say such a thing? He loves Kuhu and he admitted the same in front of me. Mishti thinks to have a word with Abir regarding this. She notices a live video from Ketki and she plays it where it is showing the home welcome ritual of Kuhu and Kunal. She gets happy to see this while on the other side Ketki was saying that finally her friend Kuhu officially becomes her sister in law.

Abir asks Kunal to smile a bit as it will not cost him anything and also requests Kuhu to make him learn how to smile. Kuhu says I am here now and I will teach him whatever is needed. Kunal feels exhausted and he is about to enter the house when Kuhu stops him. Parul excuses herself and says she will be back in a minute. She comes back with the stuff needed for the welcome ritual and asks Kuhu and Kunal to get in the house together.

Zehnaseeb is playing in the background when Mishti and Abir are imagining each other around them, while Kuhu admires Kunal and Kunal looks confused. Abir takes them to Kunal’s bedroom and asks him to be a perfect partner of Kuhu in true sense.

In the Maheshwari house, Vishwambhar tells the entire family about his meeting with Abir and how he brings Mishti back. He says being a grandfather of Mishti what I failed to understand, Abir gets that easily. One thing is clear to me that whatever Abir does, he does it for his family. Whereas Kunal and Meenakshi’s actions are completely dependent on their ego.

Mishti comes in her room and shouts for Kuhu about where she kept her towel? When she remembers that Kuhu is not there anymore and she is in her in-law’s house. Rajshri comes there with the towel, she gives it to her and says is she missing Kuhu? Mishti gets emotional and is about to say something when Rajshri says that don’t start with your emotional drama now. I just bid adieu to my granddaughter and cried enough, hence I don’t want to cry again or else will be harmful to my skin. In older age crying much can cause skin aging and wrinkles dark circles and I don’t want all that because hashtag I am still young. Mishti gets happy to see her grandmother like that and she says wow you learned so many things from Kuhu.

Rajshri tells Mishti that your grandfather is right, Abir is one of a kind. Mishti gets happy to listen to this and she says she doesn’t want to marry now. Rajshri told her that she is not even talking about her but Abir as he asks her to find a girl for him. Rajshri asks for help to find a perfect match for Abir when she says that she will surely help her.

Kuhu is talking to Kunal in her room and says that from her childhood days she used to see so many Bollywood films. She says that she has so many fantasies about her own nuptial night. She asks Kunal to goes out of the room again and enters so that she can offer him a glass of milk. She notices Kunal is silent from long. She asks him if he is still worried for Mishti is back with Abir? Kunal says it’s getting late, we should sleep now. Kuhu insists him to talk to her when he gets angry when Kuhu said I will not let Mishti comes near Abir.

Tomorrow I am going home to perform my post-wedding rituals, Kunal doesn’t let her complete and says and you will not come back. Kuhu asks him for how long? Kunal says forever. He told her that he never wants to marry her, in fact, this marriage was not even present in the deal. Kuhu tells him that their marriage is not any sort of deal, Kunal shouts but it is a deal. I escaped from all this and only came back because mom took my promise to make me come back and marry you and nothing else. I never loved you and I will never be able to love you as well. Kuhu is stunned with these revelations and she asks him not to say like that but he says it is true.

Mishti calls Abir on video conference, she asks him about telling her grandmother to find a girl for him. Abir says playfully to her that yes I want to look for someone who is an exact replica of her. Mishti says ok fine now we both will be looking for a girl for you. She asks him about what kind of girl he likes. Abir asks her to meet him in a place and Mishti agrees. He says this is going to be our first official date.

Mishti says ok then let’s meet in a cafe, so many college going girls come there for hanging out I am sure you will like someone from them. Abir asks her three questions like she used to do. He asks her if she is his girlfriend? Mishti shuts up and looks on the other side. She cuts the call and Abir turns to find Meenakshi there. She wants to discuss the matter of Kunal marriage but Abir refuses to listen to anything. Parul tries to make Abir understand but he is so upset with his mother and says I am not ashamed of being his her son but I am happy that even after being her son I am not like her. Abir says to Parul that he still couldn’t able to digest that Kunal misses his own wedding due to the head he has in his mind for Mishti. He says Kunal has to answer all the questions tomorrow and he has to accept that he is going to stay here forever.

Precap – Abir and Mishti are spending some private moments when Rajshri comes in their room.