Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 26th September 2019 written update: Mishti gets to know the real identity of Mehul

The episode starts with Mishti is trying to get tickets for going to Mumbai but the ticket counter agent says it’s lunchtime. Abir says it was really necessary for him to go to Mumbai and bus will leave at 1:30 pm. Mishti blackmails the agent and says I am recording your video with a lunch box and will register an official complaint against you. The agent calls Mishti crazy and Abir smiles seeing her antics. the agent agrees for ticket and Abir smiles seeing Mishti’s care for him.

Mehul is missing his family and Jasmeet comes to asks him if he needs anything? Mehul says I need to make a phone call and Jasmeet says the phone is in the hall. Jasmeet in between searches in the room but missed the family picture of Mehul and Meenakshi. Kunal comforts Meenakshi on Kuhu’s insist and he assures Meenakshi that he with her and she doesn’t need to worry much.

Meenakshi asks Kunal to do a favor on her by talking and convincing Abir regarding this matter. Kunal assured Meenakshi that he will do everything he can in his control to make his brother understand. Kunal is going through the old pictures of him and Abir when Kuhu comes to inform him about the planning of Abir birthday party.

Kunal says to Kuhu that he is not a cheater. Kuhu says that she doesn’t care about whether he is cheating or not because he already betrayed her. Kuhu says whatever I am doing is because I love this family and regard these people as my own.

Abir promises Yashpal to back in time and asks him not to be overly melodramatic. He leaves for Mumbai when Mishti says if you don’t back by the time tomorrow then you will see what an angry girlfriend looks like. Abir says she can’t be more dangerous than an angry thief. He leaves for Mumbai and Mishti waves him goodbye.

Here in the Maheshwari house, everyone is related to the sudden aloof of Mehul from the house. Mishti gets worried and goes into his room and tries to think whom can he call? She recalls the number and gets shocked to know it is Meenakshi.

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Mishti wonders why will the uncle call Meenakshi aunty? She tries to decode why he did so and suddenly she gets a call from Abir. Abir informed that he gets the network connection with much difficulty as the area he is in currently has no network coverage.

Mishti asks him if the bus is on time or not? Abir is talking to her and says that please hope for me that I got my father back on this birthday of mine so that I can spend my birthday with my father after 20 years. Suddenly the phone dropped from Mishti’s hand and falls beside the picture of Mehul, Meenakshi, and Abir. She is talking to Abir but the call gets cut due to network issues.

Mishti noticed the picture lying on the floor and she gets shocked to see that the person whom she rescued is none other than the father of Abir. She tries to contact Abir but the call doesn’t connect. She decides to calm down and think accordingly what to do. Abir, on the other hand, face difficulty and thinks about how he will meet his father now?

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