Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 27th February 2020 Written Update: MISHTI GETS ANGRY ON KUHU

The episode starts with Kunal asking Abir and Mishti to show what they have cooked. Abir says that he has made the kheer that he had eaten the first time he went to Mishti’s house. Mishti blames him for buttering the judges. Mishti agrees with him and says that he had the chance to choose his judges so Mishti can choose her judge too. Mishti chooses Kuhu. Nidhi says it’s a great idea.

Vishambharnat and Rajshri taste Abir’s kheer and Vishambharnat says it’s great while Rajshri says that it’s better than the one they make. Kuhu says that there must be so many calories in his kheer. Abir says that there is so much love as well. Mishti says that he is cheating again. Nanu compliments Abir for his kheer too. Abir thanks him.

Mishti shows her dish which is a chocolate brownie in a coffee mug. Suddenly Mishti gets silent and also Kuhu gets sad. Kunal asks her if she is fine. Rajshri tells that it was Kuhu’s birthday and Mishti was new at home so they forgot Kuhu’s birthday. Kuhu says it’s ok since it’s an old story. Varsha says that she had got very upset but got happy when Mishti made this cake for her. Mishti says that the brownie wasn’t great that day while today it is. Kuhu tastes it and says it’s perfect. Meenakshi tells Abir that this is called spreading love. Vishambharnat says that the kheer was better than the brownie though. Nanu says that Abir won the competition but Mishti won hearts. Parul adds that this is why their pair is unique.

Abir and Mishti hugs. Abir says that he wants a gift too since he has participated in the competition. Rajshri says that she doesn’t know what to give him but wants to thank Meenakshi for giving them such a son. Meenakshi thanks her for giving them a daughter like Mishti as well.

Meenakshi calls Kuhu to her and asks her to give Mishti the box with necklace to Mishti. Kuhu takes the box but looks tensed. Meenakshi recalls seeing Kuhu trying the necklace. Nidhi asks Kuhu to make Mishti wear the necklace. Kuhu suggests making it wear once Mishti changes since it won’t match with her saree. Meenakshi says that this is the right time. Kuhu recalls dropping the necklace by mistake and it got broken. She repeats that it won’t match. Mishti says that they shall listen to her but everybody insists that she should make Mishti wear the necklace now only.

Kuhu opens the box and takes out the necklace. Everybody gets shocked seeing that it has broken. Meenakshi says she will get it fixed but wonders how it got broken. Kuhu says that she will fix it and puts it back in the box. Mishti looks at her. Meenakshi thinks that Mishti must have understood everything by now. Kuhu leaves and Mishti follows her. Meenakshi thinks that fun will begin now since the game has started now only.

Kuhu comes in the room and calls herself for making such a mistake. Mishti comes and says that it’s good that she regrets at least. Kuhu asks her to understand. Mishti asks if she should understand how her nail broke and tells her that there is still her broken nail in the box. She asks Kuhu if she didn’t get bored of doing all this. Kuhu cries and says she didn’t do it intentionally. Mishti asks Kuhu if she didn’t snatch her mandap intentionally, blame her for divorce and slapped her but she never reacted because she loves Abir and she didn’t say anything for his happiness. Kuhu says that what happened today was different. Mishti says it is, because her gift for first rasoi got ruined. She asks Kuhu to stop being jealous and playing games or else she won’t stay silent too. Kuhu says that it was not her mistake.

Rajshri enters the room and Mishti hugs Kuhu saying that it wasn’t really her mistake. Kuhu compliments her for the cake. Mishti says that it was for her only. Rajshri gets happy seeing them and asks them to stay with love like this. She asks them to come downstairs since there is another surprise. Mishti says that they are coming. She glares at Abir.

Everybody sits for lunch. Abir asks Parul to have food first. She is hesitant but Meenakshi asks her to sit and have it. Mishti and Kuhu come. Meenakshi says that tomorrow is Maha Shivratri and Abir does pooja every year. Abir says that he wants Mishti to do pooja tomorrow since he got a new family thanks to her. Mishti agrees and says that she will learn how to make bhog from video too. Kunal says that he and Kuhu will help too but Mishti says that they should spend time together and she and Abir will take care of everything. She asks Parul to help them and she agrees. Mishti promises Meenakshi that she won’t disappoint her and Meenakshi is impressed by her.
Mishti goes in kitchen and Kuhu comes there asking her to forgive her and let her help in pooja but Mishti refuses that because she doesn’t want it to get ruined since it’s important for Mishti.

Nanu asks Meenakshi to tell the story of the necklace which she gifted to Mishti. Meenakshi asks Parul to tell it. Parul tells everybody that they had bought this necklace for Nidhi when her and Kaushal’s marriage preparation was going on but Abir had taken it saying that only his wife will wear it. Everybody pulls Abir’s leg. Mishti asks Meenakshi if she had kept it safe from that day and Meenakshi replies she did so Mishti says that it very special for her. She glares at Kuhu.

Mishti goes back in the kitchen. Kuhu comes and says that she had no idea about all this. Mishti says that she had done very wrong and wonders if she has realized her mistake or not.

Meenakshi thinks that she had thought that she will have to do a lot to create a rift between these two but they are already getting separated and soon her sons will have to agree that these girls aren’t good for help.

Later Kuhu and Kunal are out for a drive and Kunal keeps talking while Kuhu replies simply with “hmm”. Kunal stops the car and asks her what she was thinking about. Kuhu says it’s a secret and goes out of the car. Kuhu asks her to tell her something good. Kunal says that he was thinking to come back from office soon so he can help Abir with pooja preparation and she could help him too. Kuhu recalls Mishti’s words.
Abir and Mishti are out too. Abir asks Mishti if there is a tension. She looks down.
Episode ends

Precap: Mishti says that she isn’t going to sleep tonight or else she will be late for the pooja. Kuhu gives coffee to everybody and Meenakshi has mixed sleeping pills in one of the cup which is for Mishti. Later Kuhu sees Abir and Mishti playing with pillows and wonders if she mixed pills in Meenakshi’s cup.