The episode starts with Kunal telling Nanu how efficient his acting in front of Mishti was and says that Mishti ran away hearing him just the way he runs for a stock meeting. Nanu says that he is the only one who can bring meeting talks between romance. Kunal asks Abir what happened with Mishti then and he replies that Mishti needs time. Nanu says that they don’t have time since tomorrow is her wedding.

Abir gets a call and asks Nanu and Abir to leave as he has to attend the call alone.
Nishant who asks someone on phone to meet outside his house.

Abir says on phone that he is coming and opens the door to go out but finds Mishti in front of him.
Meenakshi comes to Nishant and asks him what he wants. Nishant turns and tells her that Mishti and Abir are about to unite.

Mishti asks Abir what she should do now that he was so late to tell her that he loves her. She says that she had understood he loves her when she came in his room last time and saw her memories, she tried talking to him but he kept avoiding her. She pins him against the wall and asks for the reason. Abir apologizes. Mishti says that it is too late now and says bye but Abir holds her tightly by her waist and doesn’t let her go. Mishti asks what she should do out of his stupidity.

Meenakshi asks Nishant why he has come to meet her now that it is too late. Nishant says that he loves Mishti and even her mother isn’t someone who will keep insulting Mishti like her. Meenakshi asks him to clearly tell what he wants from her. Nishant asks her to promise that Abir won’t come to his marriage but Meenakshi says that it is not in her hands so she can’t promise that but she can promise that Mishti won’t leave him if he listens to her. She asks him to meet her the next morning and swears that tomorrow it will be the last day of Mishti and Abir’s love story as Mishti will throw Abir out of his life. In exchange, Meenakshi asks Nishant to go to London with Mishti after the marriage and never come back to India. Nishant thinks about it and promises her that.

Mishti asks Abir how she can break her best friend’a heart, the promise she made to Vishambharnat and her family’s hope. Abir kneels in front of her holding her hands and apologizes since he should have talked with her and Vishambharnat when he was in problems as she is the strongest. Mishti cups his face. Abir cups her face too and they stand up. He pins her against the wall and tells her that he had lied when he said that he isn’t affected by her and Nishant but there is a difference between saying a lie and living a lie as life. He says that he can’t live this lie and also she can’t live without him. He is about to kiss her but she walks away remembering her marriage. Abir hugs her from behind asking her not to go anywhere leaving him. “Saathya” plays. Mishti tuns around and hugs him crying.

Abir promises her to fix everything. Mishti asks how he will go home now and what she will tell Vishambharnat. She says that if Nishant knew about this he wouldn’t have let this marriage happen. She asks Abir if he remembers that they had promised not to break old relations for them. She says that she can’t break her family. Abir thinks that he cannot tell her that Nishant knew everything as he is her family too. Mishti cries hugging him and asking what they should do now. Abir says that everything will be fine as he will talk to Vishambharnat before her haldi. Mishti nods and walks away. She says that she is scared but Abir assures her that he will come tomorrow and fix everything. Mishti says that she will be waiting for tomorrow and him. “Saathya” plays as they look at each other before Mishti leaves.

The next morning Parul talks to Abir and asks him if Nishant told Mishti the truth. Abir says that Mishti is amazing and anybody would fight for her so he is not upset with Nishant for not telling her anything. Parul says that she is scared that Nishant could do something he shouldn’t since he is in love. She leaves.

Abir goes out of the room and Kunal comes and says that he will go with him. Nanu comes and wishes them best of luck for tomorrow. He then gives Abir her grandmother’s red odhni for Mishti. Abir takes it and thanks him. He leaves. Meenakshi sees him. Nishant is waiting outside Rajvansh Mansion.

Mishti is seen getting ready for haldi. Rajshri comes to take her. They go outisde and Kunal is there. He tells Mishti that sometimes life doesn’t go like they want but whatever happens is always right. “Laal Ishq” plays.

Mishti sees Abir standing outside the gate with red heart shaped balloons. Vishambharnat and others see him too. Vishambharnat goes to him and tells him that the marriage is today. Abir says that he has come to talk to him. He tells him that Mishti knows why he had broken their relationship. He says that there is one thing common between him and Mishti and that’s the fact that they think about their family before themselves first. He says that he shouldn’t have broken their relationship for his family the way Mishti shouldn’t have accepted to marry Nishant for her family. Vishambharnat says that it is too late. Abir says that three lives will get ruined if this marriage happens as Mishti Mishti doesn’t love Nishant.

Vishambharnat asks him to leave. Abir asks her to look into Mishti’s eyes first and say if there is no love for him in her eyes. Kunal asks Vishambharnat to listen to Abir as he will clear everything. Vishambharnat gives him two minutes. Abir is about to tell him everything but Nishant comes and stops him. Everybody looks at Nishant who isn’t able to walk properly.

Episode ends
Precap: Nishant asks Abir to stop. He falls down and the family rushes to him. Mishti tells Abir that she has to leave him for her family’s happiness. Abir is about to leave but sees Nishant talking to someone on call. He wonders if he is lying again as he had fainted.