Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 27th September 2019 written update: Mishti makes effort to inform Abir about his father

The episode starts with the passengers of the bus are getting worried as all of them are in a hurry to go to Mumbai. Abir asks all of them to calm down and finding a solution themselves rather than depending on others. He says we are 20 people so if even 10 of us get together, can’t we fix this problem? All agreed with Abir while on the other side, Mehul reached Rajvansh house and thinks what if Meenakshi spots me beforehand? Then he thinks he has to meet Abir by any means as only he can fix the problems. He is about to enter from the gate but spots Meenakshi and Laxman there and hides behind a car. He gets to listen to their conversation and gets into a dilemma about how to find Abir now as he left for Mumbai already. He is about to get up but accidentally makes a noise and Meenakshi got triggered that someone is here. She starts to search for Mehul while he hides behind a tree.

Mishti informs Rajshri and Vishwambhar about Mehul by sending them the family picture on their phone. She is in the taxi arranged by the Rajkot police department to stop Abir from going to Mumbai. She is unable to contact him due to poor network coverage while on the other side, Abir catches the person acting as an informer of Laxman and asks him why he is here?

Mehul is on the road and is trying to get a lift to reach the checkpoint where Abir is currently standing. In the Rajvansh house, Kuhu along with all the family members are doing the preparation for Abir’s birthday party. she is handling all the things with so much care and love in the family and Meenakshi is impressed with her. Kunal noticed all this and he gets happy to see that Kuhu is taking care of his family really well. Mehul finally gets a lift from a truck driver and he is eager to meet Abir as he knows it is only him who can set things right.

Mishti is imagining telling Abir about his father and she reaches the check post when the bus is left already, she runs behind the bus but couldn’t able to stop it. While Abir comes back at Rajvansh house and Nidhi welcomes him with a bump but he is disappointed. Kunal comes and hugs him but he looks at Meenakshi with so much pain. Mishti is crying that she was unable to stop Abir from going to Mumbai and is thinking about what to do next. When she almost got hit by the truck in which Mehul is sitting. Mehul comes down from the truck and asks her what she is doing here while Mishti gets happy to see him. Abir tells his entire family that he is being lied about his father location and decides to leave the house.

Yashpal says that after sometime your birthday is going to start and you are talking about leaving the house. Abir says I will get some lies in forms of the gift so I don’t want it. He says you know I am going to be back empty-handed from Mumbai but still you didn’t inform me. I can be wrong and my mother can be right but the line to me about the whole thing was not correct either. He looks at Yashpal and Meenakshi with broken heart and mind and says I am a human being and I also get affected. He says I will not leave here in the house anymore.

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