Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 28th August 2019 written update:- Misthi and Abir are coming close

The episode starts with Varsha is welcoming the newly Weds couple at Maheshwari house. Jasmeet Varsha and the other people at the Maheshwari house gets excited to see Kuhu in traditional attire. They welcome Kunal and Kuhu together in the house in a grand way and asks them to settle down on the couch.

Varsha gets doubt on seeing Kunal is being too silent to react. She gets in a dilemma that if somehow Mishti’s presence is causing any drift between Kuhu and Kunal? Rajshri asks Kunal and Kuhu to settle down on the couch and they are going to the kitchen for arranging some snacks and refreshments for them.

Ananya comes and Kunal asks Varsha not to worry for anything and as he doesn’t need any refreshment. Rajshri says this is not about formality but love and desire to make our people feel happy. Mishti is in her room when she notices Abir also comes with Kuhu and Kunal to their house. She gets really excited to see him there and he sensed it. He texted her that if she doesn’t tell him about her boyfriend then he will get married to the girl Rajshri will choose. Mishti sees the message and smiles at him.

Abir enters the house and greets all the people, all get happy to see Abir there at the house. Shaurya and Vishwambhar also come and meet Kuhu and Kunal and Abir. They say from the time you left this house, it is looking so blunt and dull. Mishti comes down and Abir notices her. Jasmeet says I am going to bring cold drinks for all and notices Mishri and made faces.

Varsha signs her not to taunt Mishti, Vishwambhar calls Mishti to come forward. Kunal suddenly gets off from the couch and says he has some important meeting to attend so he has to take leave. Family members are asking him to stay there for a while more when Kuhu interrupts them and says that he is postponing this meeting from long I just want him to get it done by today.
Vishwambhar tells Kunal that if it is so important then we will not stop you, he asks Kuhu to come out for a while as he has something to discuss. Kuhu thinks that he was angry last night and now he is calling me to say sorry for what he said.

On the other hand, Abir makes an excuse to get some private moments with Mishti. He comes up when in her room where Mishti is teasing him. Abhi keeps on asking her about her ex-boyfriend but she is making him restless with her leg-pulling and witty answers. Abir asks her to tell when she says if you find out who my boyfriend is? Then I am promising you that I will come with you on a date. Abir says the date is bound to happen now. Kuhu on the other side tries to make Kunal understand that their families are involved and moreover they are married now. Kunal here asks Kuhu to stop pretending and tells the entire truth to family. Mishti is about to kiss Abir when they hear Rajshri voice and starts to pretend like drying his shirt.

She notices the lipstick mark on his cheeks and makes sure that Rajshri doesn’t notice it. She comes down with Prachi and before coming down she rubs off the mark of lipstick from Abir cheeks. On the other hand, Kuhu gets upset with Kunal words and starts to cry and Mishti notices all these from the balcony. Abir calls Kunal to give him a reminder about picking Kuhu up on time. Mishti starts to think about what is wrong with Kuhu? Kuhu behaves like a normal happy newlywed bride in front of her family members. Kuhu tells them that she is going to her room for taking rest and checking social media.

Precap – Kuhu again blames Mishti and calls her love for Abir is drama. Varsha confronts Kuhu about her marriage.