Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar ke 28th January 2020 Written Update: Mishti chooses her family and leaves Abir

The episode starts with Nishant asking Abir to stop what he is doing since Mishti is his fiancée, his best friend and they are getting married so he requests Abir not to snatch Mishti from him. He has drunk a lot apparently. Nishant looks at Mishti and is about to walk towards her but he falls down and everybory rushes to him. He gets up with others’ support and he tells Mishti that he isn’t like Abir. Jasmeet cries and asks him if he has drank and ruined the efforts of ten years. Kuhu cries and asks why too. Nishant says that he will be good if Mishti remains with him and he will never drink. He is about to say something to Abir but suddenly he faints. He is immediately taken inside the house.

Jasmeet breaks down on her knees crying and Rajshri and Varsha supports her. Mishti cries and wonders why Nishant did all this since he was sober since ten years and was also so proud about that. Jasmeet blames her saying that he did it because of her only.

On the other hand Meenakshi is seen playing sitar.
Docto visits Nishant and everybody is standing around him in his room. Abir and Kunal wait outside. Later the whole family comes out from Nishant’s room and the doctor talks to them. Abir goes away. Meenakshi stops playing the sitar.

Nishant, who is alone in room now, gets conscious and gets up. He sniffs himself and can smell alcohol. He thinks that the life is not only his and he can’t put it on sake. He says that this stress and tension are there just for some days and makes himself understand that he needs to calm down as Mishti needs him. He opens the closet and takes out new clothes.

Nishant recalls meeting Meenakshi who had given him some clothes on which she had thrown up alcohol. She asked Nishant to go home and behave like he has drunk so that everybody’s heart, except Abir’s, will melt. She says that Mishti’s weakness is her family and he should use it. Nishant replies that he is a recovering addict and even alcohol smell could harm him. Meenakshi says that the family will get worried since he is a recovering addict only so now he has to decide if alcohol is his weakness or it’s Mishti.

Nishant returns in present and thinks that he has to win Mishti who will not be able to see him like this and he knows that Mishti knows that he needs her. He has changed his clothes and goes back to sleep. Abir enters the room to get something and wonders when he changed his clothes as he was unconscious. He thinks that the doctor might have changed.

Meanwhile Kunal says that the marriage can’t happen today when Nishant is so serious and he feels it is wrong that they are getting him married to Mishti who doesn’t even love him. Kuhu asks him to shut up and not give any speech about love and marriage. Rajshri scolds her for talking like this to Kunal but Kuhu cries asking her to think about Nishant. She goes to Mishti and asks her if he hadn’t thought even once about Nishant before going to meet Abir last night.

Abir comes and Mishti asks him and Kunal to leave. Jasmeet asks them the same and then asks Vishambharnat who is Abir to question is decision, if he is dearer to him than Nishant and if there is no place for her and her son in the house. She cries. Rajshri asks her what she is saying since Nishant is their own son. Jasmeet says that the marriage shall happen today only then since she can’t see her son drowning in alcohol which he will if he doesn’t get married to Mishti. The latter says that the wedding will take place today only. She goes to Jasmeet and asks her if she can talk to Abir one last time. She requests Vishambharnat for permission. Rajshri asks him to let her.

Abir and Mishti go to talk outside. Mishti says that they haven’t time anymore. Abir asks her not to give up. Mishti says that she is just choosing her family over him. He asks her not to do that and suggests eloping and getting married but Mishti refuses as she could lose her family which she can’t afford. Abir says that they will forgive them.

Mishti asks him about Nishant who may get addicted again to alcohol. Abir asks her how can she keep her friend in a loveless marriage. Mishti says that she is choosing her family happiness so she has to leave him. Abir holds her hand asking her not to do that. Mishti asks her to leave her since she is not as strong as he thinks. Abir leaves her hands. They wipe their tears as both cries. Sad version of dheere dheere plays.

Mishti thanks Abir for teaching her how to trust herself, take the responsibility of her decisions, believe love, giving her such a beautiful love story. She says good bye and is about to leave but Abir grabs her wrist stopping her. Mishti asks him to let her go please. Abir hesitates but then eventually says good bye too and lets her go. Sad version of Saathya plays. Mishti leaves. Abir cries. He walks away.

While walking, he sees balloons there and grabs them. He lets them fly in the sky. Abir is about to leave when he sees Nishant in the balcony and wonders if he was lying again since he had fainted. Kunal comes and asks him how can he let Mishti go so easily. Abir asks him to come with him to the hospital and check Nishant’s blood report to see if he is lying or not.

Nishant talks on phone with Meenakshi who says that Abir might check his reports so she has to do something about them.

Meenakshi enters in the hospital. Abir and Kunal come there too. Kunal says that he doesn’t think Nishant can lie about this. Abir says that his gut feeling is saying that he is lying.
Nishant feels a bit guilty for lying to his family but then thinks that he has no other choice. He books two tickets on for him and Mishti.

Vishambharnat tells Mishti that he will choose each flower for her mandap and Rajshri says that she will make Swastik. It’s just Mishti’s imagination and she thinks that she has taken the right decision.

Kuhu comes and scolds Mishti for not thinking about Nishant before going to meet Abir. Mishti asks her why she feels so and blames her for going against Nishant too to help Abir. Kuhu says that she did that for her only. Mishti asks her to do another thing for her that is stop saying that she doesn’t care about Nishant. Kuhu says that she just doesn’t want her family to get hurt and break because of her love confusion. Mishti replies that it’s her family too.

Doctor gives Meenakshi Nishant’s reports and says that he hasn’t drunk anything. He requests him not to tell anything about it since Maheshwari family is busy in wedding preparation and she doesn’t want them to get married since his son is their son-in-law.

She goes out with reports. Abir and Kunal are in the same corridor. Kunal gets Kuhu’s call and she asks her not to come back in her house. Meenakshi drops the report but picks it up before Abir can see it or her. She leaves. Abir asks Kunal to go and check if everything is fine at Maheshwari Mansion. Kunal leaves.\

Abir walks towards the doctor but just then sees Nishant’s report on the floor as Meenakshi had picked up the wrong one. He reads the report and understands that Nishant didn’t drink and he was lying.
Episode ends

Precap: Abir calls Mishti and is about to tell her Nishant’s truth but Nishant comes and snatches his mobile from him. He asks Abir to stay away from his fiancée. Abir beats him and swears that he will bring his truth out in front of everybody.