Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 28th October 2019 written update: Yashpal upsets with Abir

The episode begins with  Abir is discussing with his father about his work and other things. Both of them are talking on this topic. Abir asks his father where did you learn this kind of work with garments? Mehul tries to convince Abir once again for not leaving home but he says all the things he is doing for him and Mishti only. Mishti comes home and Rajshri asks her what are you doing and why? Is there anything that you are hiding from me? Mishti thinks until I get to know about the reason behind Mehul uncle activities I will not be able to tell anything to anyone. Rajshri informs Mishti that Kuhu is keeping fast for Kunal for the first time.

Mishti smiles to listen while on the other hand Kunal meets Kuhu in the market and Kuhu says are you stalking me? Kunal says if I am a stalker and I am not your own person then why are you keeping fast for me? Kuhu says I am doing things for my entire family.

She blames Kunal for being selfish and says you just think about your own self and no one else. Kunal says to Kuhu look I will not come tomorrow to break your fast so tell your family the truth because this is not a fantasy.

Preparations are on in Rajvansh’s house to send Sargi to Kuhu for her fast. Kunal is watching it all and gets thoughtful. Abir comes to Maheswari house with sargi of Kuhu and Mishti gets happy to see him there. Everyone in the house greets him and the environment of the house is very festive. Mishti drinks juice from the glass of Abir which he noticed and then Abir also drinks juice from the same glass. Both of them share a good moment with each other. Kunal is missing Kuhu and is sitting in his room when he noticed their wedding picture and unknowingly he realized that he was crying.

Meenakshi informs Yashpal about going out and be invested in work for the entire day. She asks Parul to keep no less in arrangements for Kuhu as it was her first fast post marriage. Yashpal feeds Nidhi Sargi in place of her mother in law and Nidhi gets emotional and happy to be in such a family. Mishti left for Rajgarh already and is trying to find out information about it. Abir also kept fast for Mishti and is selecting gift for Mishti.

Mehul gets a call from someone informing him that he is being investigated by any person. Mehul thinks it to be Meenakshi whereas it is actually Mishti who reached the village and is trying to seek information. She asks the priest of the local temple about the Kapadia family and their stay at the village. Yashpal is upset with Abir when he suddenly realizes his father is missing from the place. He thinks now who he will help me in this situation? Mishti asks the priest to tell her about them and this place.

Precap – Mehul also reaches the village while Mishti entered the ancestral house of Kapadia family.