Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 29th August 2019 written update:- Kuhu blames Mishti for her Kunal’s misbehaviour

Episode begins with Abir comes back to oo Rajvansh house and goes to Ketki room. Ketki shows him some dresses online and ask for his preference for her. Abir chooses a dress for Ketu and says that the other one will look good on her. Ketki ask him who is the other person? Abir covers it up by saying this was for Atul and they both laughed together. He indirectly ask Ketki about her boyfriend when she frowns and tells him to keep his voice low. She closed the door and says if anybody gets to listen to me uttering the word then it will be considered as a big sin. Abir asked her what is wrong in having a boyfriend because some days ago Nidhi aunty ask Atul that if he has a girlfriend? Ketki says for boys it is cool to have a girlfriend but if a girl poses a boyfriend then it is considered as a big blunder.

Both go out of the room when a person from the NGO comes and informs Abir that he has an interview scheduled for today and journalist will be on his way for the same. Abir looks confused when Ketki gets excited to hear the news.

On the other side in Maheshwari house, Kuhu is sitting in her room and thinking about kunal’s words. At that moment Mishti comes and keep her hand on her shoulder and ask her if there is something wrong in her life? Kuhu gets angry on Mishti and as usual she starts to blame him for everything that goes wrong in her life. Mishti says you know I didn’t go from here on purpose, Kuhu asks but you insulted me willingly right? Misty says I can explain to you the entire matter but I know you will not believe me at all.

Kuhu smiles sarcastically and says that at least there is some point in life where we both agree on the topic. You are right I don’t believe you at all. Misty says that what Meenakshi aunty did to me that was the mean but what you did that was I don’t know what should I call that? I was trying hard to make you and Kunal together and all you do is try to make me separate from Abir? Kuhu says you know very well that Kunal will get angry to see your face, Mishti gives back to her and says if he is this much immature to deal with such a small thing then I think he should get admitted to a school, he needs to grow up. Kuhu says he doesn’t need to grow up you need to leave our lives right now. Kuhu blames Mishti for being from a broken family e and says you can only break families. Mishti told her I just come here to ask you why you and Kunal are fighting down?

Kuhu asks her how dare you Mishti? She drags Mishti to the mirror and says I am just showing you, your real face. Everyone thinks what this timid girl will cause to anyone but no one knows real Mishti better than me. You can destroy anyone family and Mishti says Kuhu stop blaming me for everything. From the childhood days to now you always blame me for everything, at least for once take the responsibility of your own actions.

Rajshri and Varsha comes in and asks what is going on? Why everyone is fighting that the sound is audible from outside. Varsha out of the blue starts to blast Mishti for hurting Kuhu and Kuhu behaves like she is the victim here. Varsha slams Mishti for hurting Kuhu and expressed her displeasure over her stay in this house. Mishti tells Kuhu she is done with her and calls Abir to informs him that she will meet him today.

Abir gets her call and gets happy and then he comes to know from Uma Patel that Kunal is in the office and he will be staying there up to 9:00 p.m. today for his conference calls. Abir gets annoyed on Kunal and he pays him a visit to the office. Kunal tells him that he has a lot of work to do for the day when Abir says that even he works and he has less staff than him but still he manages to take out time for his family and brother. Kuhu is crying when Varsha came to her and ask her what is happening? Kuhu covered up the matter and says that she is just being worried for Misty as Kunal doesn’t like Mishti around him. She assured Kuhu that she will be her safeguard from any problems of the family. Abir told Kunal in the office that he has to leave early and rich Maheshwari house by 5:00 p.m. to pick up Kuhu. Kuhu in the house is bidding all goodbye and gets upset to think that Kunal will not come to pick her up. Kunal on the other hand thinks he will not go to his in-laws house but then he gets in a dilemma about facing Abir.

Abir gets a message from Mishti that she will not be able to come today. Abir gets upset when Mishti thinks maybe he is hurt and that’s why not giving me any reply.

Precap – Mishti and Abir date, Abir challenges Mishti to say I love you infront of all.