Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 29th November 2019 Written Update: Kunal and Kuhu gets into an argument

Episode begins with Abir reached office and meet Kaushal and Meenakshi. The food packet is on the table and Kaushal opened the pack and says who ate this khichdi? Abhi remember the letter at the restaurant and says anyone can have it. Abir says I have to go and meet the fundraisers and Kaushal give him a card of some Nishant khush visiting card has an M imprinted on it. They are wondering what can be this M stands for? Abhi left to meet the fundraisers while Meenakshi looks on.

The celebrations started at Maheshwari house for the anniversary party of Rajshri and Vishwambhar. They gets surprised to see the decoration of the house while everybody is circling around them with a plate full of lamps. They noticed Mishti in the house and gets happy. The song plays in the background while abhi is having flashbacks of Mishti in his mind when he returned home at Rajvansh house.

Abir imagined a life with Mishti post marriage where he imagine Mishti in saree and both of them are making food. Parul saw him and gave him food but she is also upset to see Abir is just putting up a smile for the sake of family but is not happy for real. While in Maheshwari house, Kuhu gets emotional to see the engagement of her grandfather and grandmother. Kunal reached the Maheshwari house to attain the anniversary party while Abir cries while having food.

The family members of Aamir takes Kunal in a video conference. They also drags Abir in their team so that they can sneak in the house of Kuhu to see how they are celebrating the occasion. Another side inside the Maheshwari house, everyone is happy to see Mishti is in house after a long time. Mishti and Kuhu gets into bickering with each other like usual. Kunal gets a call from the family and gets scared to see all of them are video calling him for no reason.

Kunal finds it embarrassing to show everything through video call to them but still he does it. Abir is secretly looking for Mishti in the video call. He thinks after that day I never saw them for once. Kunal is going to enter the house when he gets collided with Kuhu. Kuhu takes Kunal outside of the house and asks him to leave from there. Kunal and Kuhu gets into an argument where Kuhu says I don’t want you to make any fake relationships with my family members. They don’t make relations just to break them.

Kuhu says to Kunal that in one month you are going to divorce me and all the things between us will get over then why are you coming here and giving my family hope? Kunal says then what you think my family will not get affected when we will get divorced? Maybe you didn’t notice but the people of my house has started getting affected with your presence and your personality. Kuhu says I stay with them on a daily basis, what you want me to do? Should I become rude to them for no reason? Kunal left the venue without any more argument and Kuhu says it’s good that you will not come back anymore.

Mishti greets with everybody in the house and says to everyone that she has moved on for better and now Abir or his name will not affect her anymore and says she is tired and needs to sleep. She goes upstairs but stumbles on the steps and cries thinking about him.

Precap – Abir went for a meeting with Nishant and Nishant makes Mishti introduce to him as his girlfriend.