Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 2nd March 2020 Written Update: Abir doesn’t wake up on time for pooja

The episode starts with Kuhu taking sleeping pill out to mix it in Mishti’s coffee. She stops thinking that she had got angry with Kunal for mixing something in Nishant’s drink and now she is doing the same. She shakes her head and decides not to mix the pills in the coffee.

However, just then Mishti and Abir come there running and Mishti accidentaly hits Kuhu making the pill drop from her hand directly into a coffee mug. Abir says they are ther to take coffee and Mishti takes the tray and leaves. Kuhu notices that the pill is nowhere and understands that it must be gone in a mug. She decides to stop everybody from having coffee.

Just then Meenakshi comes there and says that she knows that she can’t stay with Mishti. She says that her main worry is that Abir reaches on time in the pooja tomorrow, she doesn’t care about others. Kuhu tries to tell her what happened but just then Mishti comes and asks them to have coffee. Meenakshi praises her for the arrangements of the pooja she has done.

After a while Kuhu gives coffee to everybody and thinks that she is making a mistake by giving coffee to everybody knowing that there is a pill in a mug but she doesn’t know which one. Meenakshi thinks that Kuhu has given Mishti the cup with sleeping pill. \

Abir stops everyone before they have coffee and says that they shall do a toast first. Kunal asks him to do something in his style without giving boring speeches. Abir agrees and takes Meenakshi and Mishti’s mug. Meenakshi thinks that Mishti shall get back her cup only after this game. Abir takes everybody’s cup and compares them to the family members explaining how each behaves just to conclude that he wants Mishti and Meenakshi to understand each other more with the help of family.

Abir gives back the cups to everybody. Meenakshi wonders if it’s her one only. She assures Meenakshi that they will understand and like each other. Mishti says that they will team up against Abir then. Abir says that he is ready to get mocked by them.

Meenakshi wonders if she got Mishti’s mug so she exchanges her cup with Kuhu’s one saying that her mug has less coffee. Abir exchanges his one with Kuhu’s saying that he knows she likes to have less calories. Kuhu is not able to stop the family from having coffee and wonders why. Meenakshi thinks that since she didn’t say anything she must be sure that there is pill in Mishti’s cup only.

Mishti tells Abir that she is happy seeing him happy. Abir says that a new beginning is going to happen tomorrow. Meenakshi says that it will be the beginning of a new game and Kuhu and Mishti are the targets and they will lose as well. She calls Jugnu and asks him to wake up Abir on time.

Abir tells Mishti that Kunal hasn’t told Kuhu that he loves her. Mishti laughs and then Abir and Mishti leave. Meenakshi thinks that Mishti can laugh how much he wants now since from tomorrow she will have to cry as she won’t wake up and Abir will do the pooja alone.

Kuhu comes in her room and scolds herself for not opening her mouth and getting scared and weak in front of everyone. Kunal comes and tells her that they are leaving alone after pooja tomorrow. He says that he is not good with romance but she can teach him. Kuhu says that there is nothing more romantic than Shiv and Parvati and tomorrow is mahashivratri so they should stay. Kunal says that he is not much interested in pooja and all and asks her since when she started finding this romantic. Kuhu says that she finds this mahashivratri pooja romantic only since Shiv Ji is known as best husband in the universe. She asks Kunal to convince Abir to let them do pooja too this year but Kunal refuses since Abir does it every year. He suggests to do the pooja in some other temple since the main pooja is done by Abir only. Kuhu says that they will stay with family only. Kunal agrees and decides to cancel booking for Singapore.

On the other hand Abir and Mishti are lying on roof. Mishti asks him what they are doing there. He says they are counting stars. He holds her hand but she frees it saying not to do it there. Abir indicates a star and says that it is asking to its best friend how a wife cannot let her husband touch her. Mishti says that its best friend is replying that how a husband can make his wife sleep on roof where anybody can come. Abir wonders if she will sleep again like last night. Mishti asks him how many times she has to apologize. He says there is no need of that.

Mishti asks Abir to stop mocking Meenakshi or else she will think that she is asking him to do that. Abir says that Meenakshi will think he is unwell if she doesn’t mock her. Mishti laughs and asks him how to thank him for taking so much care of her. He asks for a kiss but she refuses saying that today she wants to count stars. Abir says that he will start an affair if she keeps doing like this. She replies that she will join Big Ben’s team if he does that. She immediately covers her mouth realizing she has called Meenakshi as Big Ben. Abir wishes he had recorded it to blackmail her. They start fighting with pillows. Kuhu looks at them and says that they seem fine, so do Kunal and others. She wonders if she mixed sleeping pill in Meenakshi’s coffee.

The next morning Maheshwari family reach the temple and everybody praises the decoration done by Mishti. An NGO woman tells them that they are waiting for Abir and Mishti to come now since there is not much time left for pooja but they aren’t even picking up calls. Rajshri asks Vishambharnat to go to check but Vishambharnat says that they must be coming with Meenakshi.

On the other hand Kuhu wonders why nobody has come downstairs yet. Kunal says that he will hurry up, get ready and come. Parul comes and Kuhu asks her if she has seen Meenakshi. Parul tells her that today Meenakshi hasn’t even played sitar. Kuhu thinks if there was pill in her coffee only. Then she thinks it could be in Nanu’s mug too but just then Nanu comes. Everybody else except Meenakshi, Abir and Mishti comes. Kunal comes and asks Kuhu to go to check Meenakshi. Kuhu is about to go to check wishing for not having spiked Meenakshi’s coffee when Meenakshi comes there.

Meenakshi thinks that Kuhu did very well and now Mishti must be sleeping while Abir must be trying to wake her up. Meenakshi asks Jugnu why Abir and Mishti aren’t opening the door of the room. Jugnu tells her that both Abir and Mishti went to the temple in early morning itself. Kuhu gets happy thinking that no pill must have fallen in any mug. Meenakshi wonders how this happened since she was sure that Kuhu spiked the drinks. Once everyone leaves, Jugnu wonders what to do now.

Rajvansh family reaches the temple and meet Maheshwaris who ask them about Mishti and Abir. Meenakshi says that Jugnu told them they are already in the temple. Kuhu thinks that the pill must have fallen in Mishti’s cup then. Meenakshi thinks she was right and Kuhu mixed the pill in Mishti’s mug. Kunal says he will go home to check Abir and Mishti. Kuhu asks everybody’s help to complete the decoration left.

Jugnu goes to wake up Mishti and Abir. Mishti has waken up but Abir is still sleeping. Jugnu is very agitated and tells Mishti that he lied to everyone that they are already in the temple because she was scared of getting scolded by Meenakshi. Mishti says that Abir was fine last night but now he is only sleeping. She has called the doctor.
The doctor comes and checks Abir. He asks what Abir ate last night. Jugnu says that he had cold coffee like everybody else. Mishti recalls seeing Kuhu with coffee.

Episode ends