Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 2nd September 2019 written update:- Janmashtami celebrations at both the families

The episode starts with Meenakshi is preparing offerings for Janmashtami celebration. She asks Jugnoo to give dry fruits to add in the cooking, she looks up and sees it is Parul who brought the dry fruits for her. She takes the plate from her hand and says when you are here, then what is the need of me anymore you can take care of these offerings better than me. Parul tries to talk to her and there today is Janmashtami and it is the day for Devki and Yashoda both. At least don’t be angry with me for today. Meenakshi says you think only your concern for the happiness of the family and me being Meenakshi Rajvansh is the enemy of this family. Meenakshi gets a call and she says don’t ever try to threaten me. Abir comes there and wishes Meenakshi good night.

In Maheswari house, Jasmeet is asking the people to make the decorations perfectly. Rajshri comes there and says that Jasmeet is looking very happy because her son is finally coming. Mishti comes there and Varsha and Jasmeet leave from there seeing her. Mishti ignored and ask Rajshri that Is Nannu is coming back for real? She gets excited to hear the news while Rajshri gets emotional to see how Mishti is being treated in the house. Mishti comes in the room and texted Nannu about his comeback but the message she sent to Abir mistakenly. Abir sees the text and gets jealous. He calls Mishti and says who is this Mr.Nannu? For whose welcome you are so much excited? Mishti smiles and asks him is he jealous? He says a person whose name is Mr.Nannu can’t make me jealous at all. Mishti smiles and Abir hangs up the call seeing Kunal is coming down.

Janmashtami celebration has started in the Rajvansh house and Kuhu also gets ready. She wants Kunal that if he tries to make any scene in front of her family members she will upload rumors about him on social media. Kuhu says if you can love your brother so much to ditch me like this then even though I love my family as well so I am making a deal with you here. Kunal remains mum and she left the room. Kunal and Kuhu perform the ritual together but Abir noticed the uneasiness in their relationship. Kuhu covers up her anxiety in the phone call with Varsha. Varsha asks Mishti not to come in front of all in Rajvansh house.

In the morning, Maheshwari’s appeared at Rajvansh house for Janmashtami celebration. Mishti also comes there followed by them butVarsha signs her. Jugnu comes to Mishti and asks her to go upstairs as Abir is calling her. She smiles and looks up and goes to him.

Here all are having a good time when Kuhu and Kunal come there and Kunal behaves so nice with all. Abir asks her to come in his room but she denies as she fears any chaos can take place. Abir shows Mishti the families being together are celebrating the function. He says you can never be the reason for differences but you only brought these two families together. They are noticing all from up when they see Nidhi joined the hands of Kunal and Kuhu but Kunal left it as soon as she turns the other side. Mishi gets reminded of the words of Kunal during the farewell. She shares her concern regarding Kuhu and Kunal with Abir.

Precap: Mishti went for Dahi handi festival and reaches the top. Someone pushed a person in the bottom and Mishti fells down and gets injured. Abir gets shocked to see her in such a condition.