Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 31st July 2019 Written Update:- Meenakshi blackmails Mishti to stay away from Abir

The episode begins with Mishti arranges a bus decorated with lights and balloons for every just like their first meeting. She gives money to a person for giving her heart-shaped balloons which Abir likes so much. She reminisces the moments of her meeting Abir for the first time and gets happy. She says I asked for marital courtship with Kunal but God has granted this wish of mine from much earlier, It was started with I meet you for the first time. Mishti says we are so different from the outside and appears to be a different person but from deep inside we are so much alike. Both of us know and understand the value of family, you always understand my fears, happiness without me saying anything to you. You are my strength, you gave me confidence and stands beside me always. Thing is all this while I realized that I can never get a good match then you for me ever. You never ask me to change myself for anybody and ready to accept me the way I am. You respect my views, my thoughts and I want to tell you that I love you Abir. Mishti smiles and sees someone is standing below and she gets up and shocked to find Meenakshi standing there.


On the other hand, Jasleen and Nidhi are again arguing with each other about who did best in the function?



Meanwhile, Abir thinks about Mishti and decides to go and meet her and talk to her. Here, Kunal also goes behind Abir to stop him from meeting Mishti. Here Mishti comes down from the top of the bus and stands in front of Meenakshi. Meenakshi blows away the balloons while Mishti asks for sorry as she doesn’t want her to know about it like this.



Meenakshi says so much is going on in my son’s life all this while and I don’t know anything about it. Meenakshi says you rejected Kunal and asks for courtship with him and now you are seeing your future with my other son, Abir. Meenakshi says Kunal will never be okay with your relation with Abir and this will produce conflict between two brothers and my family will divide. She tells Mishti that she is begging from her so that she forgets Abir. Mishti says what are you doing aunty? Meenakshi says you are not getting it Mishti, Abir will not listen to me but Kunal will. Kunal here stops Abir with an excuse from going outside of the house. Mishti tries to keep her side but Meenakshi slams her. Meenakshi says you want to trap my son and I know it is because of your malign blood and not the upbringing of Rajshri and Vishwambhar. Meenakshi says if she asks Kunal to not appear for marriage he will do that. Mishti says why will Kunal do it? He hates me but he loves Kuhu so much. Here Abir is trying to go to Mishti but didn’t succeed hence he texts Mishti to wait for him there. Meenakshi says do you know why Abir didn’t come to meet you because he loves his brother more than you. Meenakshi shows Mishti Abir is enjoying through video call and she cries seeing him. Meenakshi says if you want to challenge my beliefs then be my guest. Mishti gets heartbroken and confused.


Precap – Mishti expresses her love for Abir in front of all and Abir reciprocates it. Every one of both the families gets shocked.