Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 3rd January 2020 Written Update: MEENAKSHI REPLACES MISHTI’S LETTER FOR ABIR

The episode starts with Vishambharnath saying that his experience says that Abir won’t come back. He tells Mishti that he knows this hurts her but seeing that she keeps having false hopes hurts him instead but still he gives her an opportunity to see if his experience is right or her wait. He says that if Abir doesn’t come back till tomorrow morning, her tilak will be done tomorrow itself. Rajshri and Vishambharnath leave the room and Mishti prays for Abir to read her letter.

On the other hand Jugnu is excited to give Mishti’s letter to Abir thinking that he will get very happy. He is going towards Abir’s room when Parul stops him and asks him to clean the room. Jugnu gets nervous and says that he was going to do that only. He drops the letter on the ground by mistake and Parul asks him what it is. Before Jugnu could pick it up, Nidhi comes and grabs it. She asks Jugnu what it is and he lies that it’s his private letter written by his girlfriend. He leaves. Meenakshi overhears the conversation and wonders what happened to him. Jugnu goes towards Abir but bumps into Kunal and falls on him. Abir goes to them. Kunal says he is fine and leaves. Abir also says that he is going to take rest and Nanu says he will join him but Jugnu tries stopping Abir.

On the other hand Mishti asks Kuhu about Abir but she reminds her that she is getting married to Nishant. Mishti insists that she has to talk to Abir. Jugnu and Nanu argue over whom should talk with abir first. Nidhi tells Nanu and abir that Jugnu has a girlfriend who wrote him a letter. Jugnu is frustrated and is forced to leave.

Parul asks Nidhi to go to give green tea to Kunal but Abir convinces her to go herself. Parul leaves.
While leaving Jugnu tells Abir that if he doesn’t talk to him, his clothes will again be stolen. Abir wonders if Mishti had come. Nanu asks abir what he thought about Mishti and he replies that he will be able to say that only after talking with Jugnu.

Kuhu says to Mishti that it is not easy to love someone whk doesn’t love you back and asks Mishti not to hurt Nishant by going behind Abir. Mishti tells her that she has been always scared to lose her relationships but Abir taught her that all these relationships are her own, he taught her how to accept love and she can’t accept that Abir doesn’t love her. She asks Kuhu not to tell her that Abir doesn’t love her because he does. She goes away crying.

Meanwhile nishant wonders if Mishti will agree to marry him or not. Varsha brings pasta for her and they talk about Jasmeet’s take on his relationship with Mishti. Nishant asks Varsha what she thinks about it and she tells him that she is with Vishambharnath’s decision since she can see that Mishti is happy but also in peace when she is with him unlike when she is with Abir since she used to be restless with him.

Kunal enters in the room and sees that it is all decorated. Kuhu is recording a video and tells him that a client asked her pictures of suhaag raat bed. Kunal says that he thought she was celebrating that he was gone. He goes to check the calendar where Kuhu was signing days for their divorce but Kuhu says that it’s time out for today. Parul comes and Kunal gets serious.

Jasmeet asks Nishant to say no to his marriage with Mishti since she doesnt want her to be her daughter-in-law. He says that Vishambharnath never asked them anything and now he doesnt want to say him no. He leaves.

Kunal wishes that he could take time out from life. Kuhu asks Parul for whom is the tea. Kunal says that he doesn’t want it. Kuhu says that she is his mother. Parul asks Kuhu to have the chai if she wants and says that Kunal doesn’t need to go anywhere, she will leave. She leaves. Kunal asks kuhu not to fight with him today and then asks her if she will hug a random lady that comes one day and tells her that she is her mother. Kuhu says that she will surely drink the green tea if she makes it for her and asks her to think about it. She leaves.

Jugnu drops the letter and Abir and Jugnu rush to take it. Jugnu informs Abir that Mishti had come to give him a letter. Abir gets happy and hugs Jugnu. The latter leaves and Abir starts reading the letter but is shocked to read that Mishti has written that she doesn’t want to meet him again since she is happy with Nishant as she doesn’t need to fight for him continuously. He is hurt.

Meenakshi recalls replacing the letter that Mishti had written and burns it. She looks at Abir and says that Mishti cannot come in Abir’s life now. Mishti is in front of the Rajvansh mansion and looks at Abir. She thinks that Abir hurt her and her family breaking up with her so today she has to ask him if what he did was right or not. She wants to give a last chance to their love. She receives a call when she is entering. It’s Jugnu who tells her that he gave the letter to Abir. Mishti wonders why Abir isn’t looking happy then. She tells Jugnu that she is outside the mansion only and Jugnu rushes to inform Abir. Parul sees that. Mishti thanks God for making the letter reach Abir. (Episode ends.)

Precap: Abir tells Mishti that he can’t bear living with hatred and anger anymore. Mishti asks him if he has read her letter. He tears it in front of her shocked eyes.