Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 3rd October 2019 written update:- Rajvansh family celebrates the birthday of Abir

Episode begins with Mishti being confused about what to do on the eve of Abir birthday and on the other hand, Abir comes to meet his father when he asks is he thinking about something very important? Abir tries to behave normal and says what will I would think ? Mehul says that his eyes are depicting that he is missing Mishti. Present to hear this and he stummeds to say that he is not but then he starts to blush. Mehul choksi to him in a very friendly manner and says that he is aware that about him missing Mishti. Abir smiles and asks how did you know? On the other side in Maheshwari’s house, Rajshri is laughing at Mishti to see her getting the benefit for node living. Mishti looks confused and she said that I need your help. Rajshri says that I can help you and then she chose a dress for her and ask her to wear this. Mishti is getting ready while Abir and his father had a very light-hearted conversation with each other when Mehul tell him that he used to call Meenakshi big Don. Abir laughs when shares at Meenakshi is used to be very nice and fun-loving but the loneliness she tolerated for years has made her like this now.

Mishti got ready in her house and she is about to step out when she finds an unexpected guest at her doorstep. Abir is trying to go out of the house when all the family members appeared from each other corners in house and then wish him happy birthday. Abir gets really happy and content to see all the family members are together and celebrating his birthday and they are having fun. The play Disco deewane song in a background and Kunal performs on the song showcasing his dancing skills. Abir suddenly finds that the entire Maheshwari family arrives at their house and is wishing him a happy birthday. Mishti inforns Abir that it is Meenakshi aunty who came all the way to their house just to invite them for the party. Abir gets happy and thanks his mum to think about himself once.

Mishit is planning for a surprise gift for Abir and Jugnu help her to reach it to the Mansion without anybody gets to notices. Jugnu and Mishti are talking with each other suddenly Meenakshi Yashpal comes in that direction so they hide behind the sofa. Meenakshi got to understand that there is someone and she should be more aware about this.

Mishit concludes that Meenakshi mam for sure wants to hide some facts from the family and specially Abir. Mishti gets to hear their conversation from the corner.

Nidhi gives speech in English for Abir’s birthday party. All clapped for the speech including Abir. They brought a birthday cake for him and he cuts the cake with so much happiness in his face. They all feed cakes to each other and Abir starts to avoid Mishti on purpose. Jugnoo warns Abir not to go overboard with his Mishti didi while Mishti is in a dilemma that how she will give a gift and its surprise even if he is not talking to her. Abir has a guest from his NGO and he is going to meet her when he finds something unusual.

Precap : Abir and Kunal gets into an ugly fight and Abir calls Meenakshi a monster .