Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 4th November 2019 written update: Abir did something drastic again

Episode begins with Rajshri and Kuhu are back from a night out with each other. Kuhu says I enjoy going out with you a lot. Rajshri says I was not able to give you company much from your childhood, maybe because I am so invested in Mishti. Mishti comes to talk to Rajshri and Kuhu excused herself.

Rajshri says tomorrow is your engagement so tell me what you want to wear for the day. Mishti says to Rajshri about her doubt on Mehul and also says she is sure that he is hiding something from Abir. She says when my father was blackmailing you I got extremely hurt so I want to save him from such a heartbreak. She says to Rajshri about the fair that is going to be held in Rajgarh and that is the last chance for her to who dig the truth about Mehul. she says I want to do it for the sake of Abir and I have to do it. Rajshri says whatever it is but you will not go anywhere tomorrow.
Meenakshi is having breakfast at table when Mehul comes and wish her morning.

Meenakshi gets up from the table without having her meal. Mehul asks Meenakshi will you not have your breakfast? Meenakshi says I am not hungry enough to have anything. Mehul says but I am starving and settles on the table when a courier arrives at Rajvansh house. Parul receives the courier and sees the name of Abir on it. Mehul takes it from her hand forcefully and says this is for my son and he gave me the right to check his stuff. He opens it and says this design is of my choice, animation approved it saying that our choices are so alike.

Mishti is trying to make Rajshri agree for her trip to Rajgarh. She says the matter is very serious and it is about Abir and his family so my visit to Rajgarh is really important. Abir is getting attached to his father more and more with each passing day and if he hurts him he will be shattered completely and I can’t let it happen. Vishwambhar comes there and asks what is happening? Rajshri says to him it’s good that you have come.

She tricked Mishti and situation that Mishti will not able to go out of the house before her engagement as she cannot take risk. On the other hand, Abir says to her mother that the decision of changing his surname from Rajvansh to Kapadia is his call and not his father. Meenakshi is shattered and heartbroken to see that Abir has abandoned the name of her as well. She doesn’t say anything to him and told him to do whatever you want then I will not stop you but one thing will never change that you are my son. Kunal gets to listen to everything and he also see the card and throws it in the air and it falls on the lamp in the temple of the house.

Later on, Meenakshi is settle down with her Sitar to let go of her disappointments. Abir is also playing guitar in the ground and both of them gets into air collaborations without saying anything. Kuhu brings a lehenga for Mishti to wear it in the engagement ceremony. Mehul comes there and taunts Meenakshi. Meenakshi refuses to break down in front of him and says you are messing up with the wrong person. Abir noticed his father is with Meenakshi and decides to have a check on it. Meenakshi and Mehul had heated argument and minakshi says you will get what you wanted. Abir comes and Meenakshi says you have come here to check whether I am troubling your father or not? Abhi says to his father not to bother Meenakshi as she is already very much troubled with his decision of leaving the house. Meenakshi thinks that I am not the one who went to Rajgarh and I completely forgot me and my upbringing I am sure that your end is near.

Precap : Meenakshi meets Mishti and shows her the invitation card of engagement and ask for her help to get back her son.