Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 4th October 2019 written update:- Abir gets to know a shocking truth about his father

Episode starts with Abir notices Mishti in the courtyard and comes to her. Mishti says this is the map of your house. Abir asks her how it is the map of his house? Misty says let me show you, She goes to the start point of the lights and says now I am entering your garden and then the hall of your house and meets your mother.

Abir says and then you can go back from there because mom will not allow you inside. Mishti says I will make her bothered so much with my continuous rant and pleadings that eventually she has to agree with my demands. Abir smiles listening to her words and she says that now I have reached the room of Kuhu and Kunal, they will also get angry on seeing me but eventually, they will adjust.

Mishti says now I have come to your room means our room and inside you are waiting for me with a glass of milk. Abir gives her some weird looks and asks are you trying to refer to that special night of two people? Mishti says this is going to be our first-night post-wedding. Abir you must be missing some in-between processing like weddings.

Mishti saves that she can bet her life on the note bed Abir will never deny to marry her. Abir also says that before attending search words I will rather prefer to die. Both of them spend some romantic moments with each other until it got interrupted by some noise.

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They both come down in the hall and find so many people have come into their house and try to attack Mehul. They are blaming him for stealing the money and made them go bankrupt and are about to put black ink on his face but Abir comes at the nick of the moment and holds the hand of that attacker. He says before attacking my father you have to go through me.

Mishti tries to make them understand that they are also breaking the law by Bhai for school in telling someone else’s house and creating a scene. Those people again come back with sticks and try to attack Abir and Mehul both when Kunal comes in between and says no one can touch my brother when I am here.

Abir calls for a doctor to check his father and he got to know that his father is suffering from heart disease and he has not many days left in his life. He got really upset over the fact and cries. Maheshwari family bids adieu for the day after meeting Abir and ask him to stand with his own people like this always.

Later on, Abir confronts Meenakshi over the attack issue and he blamed her for being involved in this matter. He gets into a fight with Meenakshi and takes out his painter’s frustration and anger on her. Kunal asks Abir to listen to Mishti at least as he doesn’t listen to anybody else. However, Abir is adamant and not ready to listen to anybody. Kunal blames Mishti for all this chaos as she is the one who brought Mehul in the house when Abir shouts at Kunal too.

Precap – Mishti is asking Abir to talk to his mom. Kunal promises Meenakshi to teach a lesson to Mishti.