Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 5th March 2020 Written Update: MISHTI CONFRONTS KUHU

The episode starts with Jasmeet and Kuhu talking on phone. Jasmeet asks Kuhu to think if Mishti tells the truth to everyone. Kuhu asks her to stop and refuses to put the blame of everything on Parul saying that she is very nice, takes care of everyone and loves her. Jasmeet reminds her that Parul is just a servant.

Just then Parul comes there. Kuhu winces seeing her. Parul asks her to make Kunal eat something since he is not having anything and asks her not to worry as Abir will surely get fine.
On the other hand Mishti talks to Abir and says that she knows she is his competition and now he is making her pay for sleeping on their first night. She sits near him and says that if he doesn’t wake up now, she won’t let him make her wear the necklace. However Abir doesn’t give any response.

Kuhu serves food to everyone saying that Abir will scold her if he gets to know that she didn’t give them dinner because he slept more. Kunal wishes for Abir to wake up soon. Nanu says he will get conscious and they can do garba together.

Kunal sits and says that Kuhu is taking the credit for making the food when it is Parul who made it. Nidhi says that credit is good but blame shouldn’t be taken. Parul asks Nidhi what blame.

Nidhi says that she is talking about the coffee that Abir had last night and asks her to answer in front of the family.

Meanwhile Mishti tries waking Abir up and starts recitating poetries to irritate him. She cries. “Dheere dheere meri zindagi mai aake” plays. Mishti says that she was being strong for him and the family but she is very scared now. She asks him to wake up since he wants a life partner, not business partner in sleeping. She hugs him crying. Abir moves a bit but just then Ketki comes and asks Mishti to come downstairs. Abir opens his eyes a bit.
Parul tells Nidhi that she has been making coffee since years and has done nothing different yesterday.

Nidhi blames her for mixing pills in the coffee. Nanu says that such a blame is no joke. Nidhi says that she is just telling the truth. Parul cries and says that she keeps everyone’s medicine but that doesn’t mean she mixed any in her Abir’s coffee. Nidhi cuts her reminding that Abir is not hers but Meenakshi’s son.

Mishti tries speaking up but Nidhi says that she is new in the house and doesn’t know anything while she knows that Parul wanted her son Kunal to do the Maha Shivratri pooja. Kaushal asks her what rubbish she is saying. Nidhi asks Kuhu to tell everything since she was with Parul when she made coffee.

Mishti says that she is new but knows every member of the family very well and knows that Parul cannot think to harm Abir and Kuhu was in the kitchen but didn’t witness anything. Kuhu says that she just saw Meenakshi giving sleeping pills to Parul.

Ketki tries to comfort Parul who is crying but Nidhi stops her and scolds her. Meenakshi asks her to stop it and says that Parul can’t do such a thing since there shall be a reason for her to do it.

Kunal stands up and says he wants to know the reason. Mishti says to Kunal that he knows very well that Parul didn’t do anything but Kunal says that she is the one who made coffee, was in the kitchen and had the pills. He confronts Parul and says that if she made any mistake she had to tell them and stop Abir from having coffee.

Mishti looks at Kuhu and says whoever made the mistake should come ahead. Meenakshi asks her why she is saying this looking at Kuhu.
Kunal keeps blaming Parul and asks her how all happened and why she did this with Abir. Just then Abir comes and asks Kunal to shut up.

Everybody looks at him and rushes to him. Mishti says that thankfully he woke up. Abir wishes for staying asleep and not seeing Kunal blaming her mother for trying to kill her. Mishti says that it was just a misunderstanding and everything will get fine. Parul says that Kunal didn’t do anything by heart. Abir asks Kunal to apologize by heart though. Kunal hugs him and apologizes saying he got scared. Abir asks him to apologize to Parul not him.

Meenakshi says that she is sure that Parul cannot do anything like this but the truth is that someone mixed sleeping pills in his cold coffee and they have to find out who it was. Abir says that it is their house not a police station in which they have to question everybody. He asks Kunal if he really thought that Parul tried killing him. He also asks Parul to take him into his room since Kunal should realize that he is safest when he is with her. Parul takes him upstairs. Kuhu asks Kunal to leave too.

Meenakshi thinks that Abir saved Mishti once again.

Jasmeet is worried and wonders if Kuhu took herself out of the trouble. She messages Kuhu asking her if she is fine and if Mishti did not do any drama. Varsha comes and asks her who she is messaging so late in the night. Jasmeet says she messaged Nishant. Varsha wants to talk to him too but just then Rajshri comes and tells them that Abir got conscious. Jasmeet asks her what is happening there. Rajshri says that everyone must be happy, what else can happen.
On the other hand Mishti asks Jugnu if he has seen Kuhu. He tells her that she was there only a while ago. He leaves. Mishti thinks that she knows Kuhu did all this but she cannot avoid her for long.

Meenakshi comes and says that just a while ago she told her to tell her whenever she feels something is wrong. She says that she knows Parul is innocent and someone else is the culpirt and Abir is making a mistake by not trying to find that culpirt. She says that she is worried as a mother and wants to know who made this mistake without making Abir upset. She tells Mishti that when she went to give the sleeping pills to Parul, she was in the kitchen with Kuhu but she had left immediately and had kept the pills in the kitchen only. She concludes that Parul is not the culpirt and thanks Mishti for listening to her. She leaves and thinks that she has shown the way to Mishti.

Doctor is checking Abir who says that he is fine and asks everyone to stop with this melodrama. Doctor leaves and Nanu tells Parul that they shall leave Kunal and Abir, the real lovers of the house, alone and give them time. They leave.

Kunal tells Abir that he doesn’t want to hurt anybody. Abir reminds him that Parul is his mother not anybody.
Mishti stops Kuhu and asks her why she stayed quiet when Kunal was blaming her mother. Kuhu says that she didn’t know all this will happen. Mishti asks her if she has gone mad, what is wrong with her and why she is so jealous of her and says that this is the limit. Kuhu blames Mishti for whatever happened. Mishti drags her saying that now she has to accept her mistake in front of everyone but Kuhu stops her asking her to think about the drama that will take place. Mishti asks her if she had thought about the drama that would have happened when she blamed her for her divorce.

She says that she has drugged Abir, did what Kunal had done with Nishant. She asks her how can she do that. Kuhu replies that she thought she will drink that coffee not Abir. Mishti slaps her and says that she doesn’t regret a bit for what she has done. She leaves.

Kunal asks Abir to understand that he needs time to accept that Parul is her mother not Meenakshi. Abir asks him if he is ashamed of calling mother a person who has been seeing him calling someone else mother for 20 years. He says that it is a weak excuse. Kunal says that he is not strong like him and just got scared seeing him in that condition. He says that someone made a mistake and he learnt from him only to recognize what is wrong. Abir says that he didn’t teach him to blame someone without any proof. Mishti comes and listens to their conversation. Abir asks Kunal to learn how to accept his mistakes and apologize for them. He says that he didn’t need to talk with Parul like this.
Kunal goes out of the room and sees Mishti on the doorstep. He leaves.
Mishti goes in the room. Kuhu comes there but Mishti closes the door on her face. Kuhu leaves. Meenakshi looks at her.

Episode ends

Precap: Abir tells Mishti that she doesn’t want any drama in the next 24 hours. Mishti calls the Maheshwaris in the Rajvansh Mansion and tells them that she wants to talk to them about Kuhu. The latter asks her to wait for tomorrow since it is late now. Mishti says that it will be late tomorrow.