Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 5th November 2019 written update: Abhi and Mishti celebrates with family before their engagement

Episode begins with Abir is talking to Mehul about not to bother Meenakshi much. He says she is your mother and I respect that and even after so much happening you still care for her. I am feeling good to see this. Kuhu and Misty are talking about the dress for engagement. Vishwambhar comes there and asks what they are discussing among each other? Rajshri says they are doing exactly what they should do now.

Vishwamber says then there should be no limitations in the preparation if people are free to enjoy whatever you want. Abir calls at the landline of Maheshwari house and Kuhu picks up the call. He asks for a favour from her and says he wants to talk to Mishti but she is not picking up the call. Kuhu informs the family members that Mishti has to leave now as Abir wants to buy a ring as per her choice. Rajshri and Vishwambhar says to Mishti to go and meet Abir. Rajshri says now that Abir is calling then you should surely go and meet him. Mishti agrees and says I will be back soon and then we will go for shopping.

Mishti comes to meet Abir at the temple. She noticed he is absent minded that he didn’t even notice her first and walked past her. She comes to him in asks just because I didn’t pick your call you are ignoring me and then she noticed that he is terribly upset and is on the verge of crying. Mishti immediately hugs him and asks if you are okay? Abir says he has hurt his mother terribly today and he is just confused now. He says to Mishti I want to be with you and my father but I can’t do it without hurting my mother. If I don’t move out of the house then you will not be at peace after marriage and if I leave the house my mom will be upset with me.
He says I don’t know exactly what I should do and Mishti says to him this 2 days will be ours as tomorrow is our engagement so we will spend the days by celebrating with each other and will not think about any negative aspect as of now. Abir asks Misty don’t go far from him as if she is not with him, he feels like lost. Abir left from the temple area and Misty is about to go from there when she noticed Meenakshi is coming towards her from the other direction. Meenakshi comes to Misty and show her the engagement card by the name of Abir is written as Abir Kapadia. Misty gets extremely shocked to see this and Meenakshi says Mehul is snatching away my son from me. She said to her I truly believe that goddess amba has her blessings on you hence only you can give me my son back.

Misty comes home after a meeting with Meenakshi and she is now more sure about Mehul being a negative aspect in Abir life. Misty comes home to see the entire family of Rajvansh appeared at Maheshwari house. everyone celebrated the day before engagement by singing and dancing together while Abir is missing his mother and Kunal.Mishti took a promise about dig out the truth.

Precap : Mishti gets to know about Parul being the husband of Mehul.