Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 6th February 2020 Written Update: Abir asks Meenakshi not to be part of his and Mishti’s wedding functions


The episode starts with Mishti opening the letter Nishant has sent her. She finds his engagement ring in it. She starts reading the letter imagining Nishant near her talking. He joked first, Mishti didn’t laugh much and Nishant knew that. He also knows that Jasmeet must be bashing Mishti a lot so he asks her to think about Meenakshi now not Jasmeet. Nishant says whatever is happening is right and asks her to marry Abir and be happy. Mishti says that now she has to be happy because her best friend Nishant made a huge sacrifice for her. Rajshri calls her.

Meenakshi buys some saree from an NGO telling the woman who has come to sell that Abir would have bought things from them only so she wants to do everything the way he likes. She asks Nidhi and Parul to select a saree and since Parul is not there she asks about her whereabouts. Kunal comes and tells her that Parul is getting Abir ready. Meenakshi wonders if she will ask Abir not to trust her.

Nidhi asks Kunal to choose a saree for Kuhu. She wonders which color he should choose for Kuhu who is a rainbow herself. Just then he gets a message and is shocked.

Rajshri thanks Jasmeet for coming with them. She replies that she can’t fight with them and let this house get broken despite her heartbreak. Vishambharnat thanks her and says that she has made him proud and proved that they are each other’s strength unlike Rajvansh family. Shaurya says that Rajvansh family will change too since two of their daughters are going to be there. Mishti looks on.

Kunal comes out of the house and lawyer gives him divorce notice telling him that there is no issue if he doesn’t want to get divorce since these papers have no value until signatures aren’t made.
Divorce notice is delivered at Maheshwari Mansion too but before Shaurya opens it, Rajshri asks him to read it later as they are getting late. Mishti puts it in her purse.

Nanu comes in Abir’s room where Parul is doing Aarti and asks him to have shots instead. They all laugh. Parul asks Abir not to worry now but he is worried since Meenakshi could do anything. Parul asks him to trust Meenakshi who confessed the truth to him. Nanu agrees but says that because of Meenakshi Maheshwari family is hesitant for this relation. Nidhi calls them from downstairs as Maheshwaris have come. Abir receives Mishti’s message asking to meet.

Kunal comes in his room searching for Kuhu. She is in washroom getting ready and asks him to leave since she will take a bit of time more. Kunal picks the dress she had chosen to wear and puts the saree he bought for her on the bed going outside of the room. He waits at the door and counts until three after which he hears Kuhu asking where her dress is. He goes into the room.

Abir goes to meet Mishti and covers his face seeing her. Mishti asks him why. Abir says that he doesn’t know if he should look at her today. She says a dialogue from mene pyaar Kiya and Abir says that she is perfect for him. Mishti laughs. Abir asks her if she has thought about getting separated from family after marriage and Mishti replies that she doesn’t want to think about it and wants to be happy today. Abir says that she is going to be happy for her whole life. Mishti asks him if Meenakshi said something. Abir asks her not to talk about her if she wants to be happy. Mishti says that she needs time to think about living separately from family. Abir gives her time and says that they will take decision together. They hold hands and leave.

On the other hand Kunal asks Kuhu if she didn’t like the saree telling her that he selected it for her since he wanted to give a gift to her. He stammers a bit. Kuhu says that she doesn’t know how to wear traditional sarees and Kunal offers his help but Kuhu asks him to give her back her dress and leave. He does that but wishes for Kuhu to wear the saree while Kuhu wonders why he gifted her it.

Meenakshi thanks Rajshri and Vishambharnat for coming and apologizes to Jasmeet for what she and her son had to bear because of her. Kunal comes and Varsha asks him about Kuhu. Nidhi tells her that Kuhu has been busy whole the day and is getting ready now since she had to get back the decoration from Mishti’s previous wedding function.

Kunal jokes about it. Nanu calls Nidhi the joker of their family. Jasmeet recalls how Nishant made them all laugh too.
Kuhu comes and Kunal is disappointed seeing that she isn’t wearing the saree he gave her. Kuhu meets her mother and asks if she is looking great. Kunal thinks that she is saying it purposely and tries ignoring. Kuhu goes and Kunal follows her. He asks her why she didn’t wear the saree and if she doesn’t find his gift important. Kuhu says that 15th February is important since it’s the day they will stop pretending being good husband wife. Kunal says that he forgot that because of the marriage. Kuhu replies that she forgot wearing the saree as well and leaves.

Vishambharnat says that they should start the pooja before anything inauspicious happens. Abir and Mishti come and Abir thanks Vishambharnat for giving him a chance and promises not to give him any further worry but asks Jasmeet to smile or else his promise will not get completed. Meenakshi says that they should do pooja first and then if everybody agrees she wants the wedding to happen on 15th February.

Vishambharnat says that the wedding should happen as soon a possible before any other obstacle comes. Meenakshi takes blame for whatever happened in the past and then goes to Mishti to give her shagun to keep on lap during pooja. Abir stops her and says that they aren’t in so much hurry. He says that he promised Nishant not to make Mishti sad anymore and he has to fulfill the promise he gave him. He says that he knows that Meenakshi and Mishti will force themselves to like each other and he doesn’t want them to do that so he doesn’t want Meenakshi to be part of this wedding. Everybody gets shocked.

Meenakshi asks Parul to come and asks her to give the shagun stuff she had kept for her daughter in law since years to Mishti. She tells Mishti that today is her day so she shouldn’t think about anything else especially her. She says that she has promised to God to get her married to her son since she is Abir’s happiness and gives her blessings to Mishti asking Abir to smile as well. She greets everyone and leaves.

The pooja starts. Mishti asks God if what happened today is right since a mother should be part of the celebration. She wonders what to tell Abir.

Episode ends

Precap: Meenakshi looks at everybody celebrating from upstairs and calls someone asking help. Abir hears that and asks him if she is planning to separate him and Mishti. She denies that but Abir doesn’t listen to her and says that he will stand against her since this is his fight not Mishti’s.

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