Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 6th January 2020 Written Update: MISHTI IS READY TO MARRY NISHANT

The episode starts with Mishti thibking that she shall not forgive Abir easily. Abir comes and she asks him if he read the letter. He says yes. Mishti tells him that she was waiting for him to come out since long. Abir asks her why she came making her confused. Mishti tries telling him that she wrote all her feelings in that letter but Abir cuts her asking if she wants to show how great she is. He says that he can’t bear her hatred and anger anymore so let them stay inside her only. Mishti just asks him if he read the letter. Abir stuns Mishti tearing her letter in front of her eyes. Abir leaves.Parul sees them and wonders what they were talking about. Nanu comes and asks Parul to come along him as he needs help. A sad Mishti leaves too.

Nanu talks with Parul and says that he is very worried about Abir. Parul asks him if Abir told him anything. Nanu says that he is still not able to understand why Abir broke his alliance with Mishti when now, after knowing that she is going to get married to someone else, he is heartbroken. He asks Parul to talk with Abir. Parul agrees. Nanu leaves and Parul thinks that Abir is her son too but she can’t reveal Nanu why Abir broke his relationship with Mishti, not until she gets to know what is happening between Mishti and Abir.

On the other hand Vishambharnath asks Varsha and Shaurya about Mishti. Shaurya says that she may need time. Vishambharnath replies that he has already given her time but he is upset that she didn’t choose Nishant. He says that maybe there was something lacking in his love. Mishti comes and says that there is something lacking in her only. She walks towards Vishambharnath and says that she doesn’t deserve this family yet she got them all and their love. She says that she isn’t as good as them but she is very lucky to get such parents, a friend like Nishant. She tells them about her nightmare in which they would leave her that she slowly stopped having.

Mishti says that she knows they understand what’s right for her so she is ready to marry Nishant if he wants. She turns around to see Nishant looking at her. She leaves saying she is going to change.
Mishti enters in her room and cries recalling her moments with Abir. Nishant comes and says that she must have gone to meet Abir and asks her if she is fine. Mishti smiles and replies that she is awesome.
Meanwhile Abir plays the guitar. Jugnu comes and asks him if he met Mishti. Abir shouts at him and asks him to leave. Jugnu leaves getting upset. Parul comes and asks him what’s wrong but Meenakshi comes and says that Abir is just like her and doesn’t want anyone to disturb him while he is playing his guitar so he must have gotten angry. She asks Parul to leave. Abir asks Meenakshi to leave too.

Nishant asks Mishti why she agreed for their marriage. Mishti tells him that she is tired of taking decisions so she left it on the person she trusts the most. She asks Nishant if such a marriage where there is only friendship and trust but not love. Nishant says that their love story will be a bit different, where there won’t be any misunderstanding between them. He cracks a joke and makes Mishti laugh. Nishant asks Mishti if she will marry him but Mishti doesn’t reply. Rajshri and Vishambharnath look at them from the doorway of the room. Vishambharnath asks Rajshri to do a work for him.

Parul wonders if Abir doesn’t want to forget Mishti at all. She looks at Abir’s picture and recalls Meenakshi blackmailing him. She thinks that Jugnu must know everything. Kuhu talks on phone with Varsha who asks her to organize a punjabi roka for Nishant and Mishti. Kuhu agrees and Abir comes. He asks her if there is anything wrong. Kuhu tells him that she got an event for tomorrow but she sent workers on holiday. Abir offers her help but she tries refusing because the event is Mishti and Nishant’s roka. Abir insists so she agrees to take him for shopping with her.

On the other hand Rajshri makes Mishti wear a red dupatta and feeds her with sweeet. She is sad but smiles. “Kuch na kaho” plays. Abir imagines Mishti with balloons but she is not there. Mishti imagines Abir standing with her on the balcony too but cries realizing he is not there. Abir recalls seeing Mishti and Nishant together. Jasmeet comes in Mishti’s room to talk with her. Jasmeet gives Mishti jewellery saying that it is for her daughter-in-law. She tells Mishti that she wanted Nishant to marry a girl chosen by her but that is not her choice anymore. She says that she felt bad but she is not a bad person and requests Mishti not to break Nishant’s heart ever.

Nishant overhears all. When Jasmeet leaves, Nishant comes inside the room and says that Jasmeet is not going to be a villain in her life. He leaves. Mishti recalls Abir tearing her letter and says that Abir got used to tear and throw her feelings but she has to prover herself and her family that she isn’t weak so from now onwards she will be happy only. (Episode ends)

Precap: Kunal asks Abir if he still loves Mishti. Abir denies and says that he had no idea that the function was at her house. Mishti overhears him. Parul finds the torn letter and tries assembling it. Mishti tells Abir that she doesn’t want to see him in her roka.