Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 7th April 2020 Written Update: Mishti realizes that she loves Abir

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 7th April 2020 Written Update on

Episode begins with Mishti was searching Abir in jungle area and recalls his words about love. She gets to know that Abir still didn’t reached home and tries to go further to search him but Police stops her saying weather is not good so she can’t go other side. Kunal asks Police to inform about Abir showing his picture, if they gets any information about him. Mishti calls Abir and sees the wounded Abir in his car. She tries to save him because the door is jammed (Dheere dheere plays in background). She shouts for help. Kunal says Abir’s life is most important for him and calls Mishti but she doesn’t attends his call. Mishti says nothing will happen to Abir, she will save him for sure and asks him to hold her hand. Abir is in semi conscious state and tries to hold Mishti’s hand. Mishti drags Abir outside and reaches hospital somehow. Kuhu tells Kunal that Mishti is missing from yesterday night and in her family no one knows about that except her.

Mishti decides to call home to inform about Abir but because of a bad network, she isn’t able to call anyone. The doctor treats Abir and Mishti gets worried for his health. Abir gets conscious and sees that Mishti sleeping holding his hand. Hearing sound Mishti wakes up but Abir acts like he is sleeping. She tries to move away from him but he tightly holds her hand and doesn’t let her go. She asks him to leave her hand because she has to go to home. He asks her to stay forever. She says she will stay for some time and says she got so worried seeing him in that state. She says what if something happened to him? He asks why she came to search him even in that bad weather.

Meenakshi comes to the hospital, Mishti was about to go from there but Abir says Mishti only saved him. Nanu blesses Mishti for saving Abir. Abir says now he is alive because of Mishti only. Mishti says she doesn’t want to see the painting. Abir says she only wanted to see that painting then why now denying to see. He says now he is sure about his feelings for his painting girl and that’s why showing the painting to Mishti.

He asks is she okay and asks her to see that painting to tell his feelings is right or wrong? He says he is going to share with her something and that is the biggest truth of his life. He says whenever he closes his eyes he just sees her and just hears her voice. She asks him to not say anything more and runs from there. She recalls his words and realizes that she loves Abir. Abir sees everything from upstairs. She sees him from downstairs and blushes.

Episode ends.