Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 7th August 2019 written update:- Kunal decides to confess about his reality to Kuhu

The episode starts with all the boys of Rajvansh house are celebrating the bachelorette party of Kunal. Kunal asks them that in the absence of Meenakshi will they are planning to do any sort of odd activities? Abir asks him not to worry about all this as this is the last day of he being single, hence he should live the day as a backbencher and not to remain a class monitor. Kunal feels odd with their words when Jugnu comes up with a tray of juices. Kunal asks Nanu what is all this, he says this is a fruit shot and asks everyone to consume it. Meanwhile, Parul tries to confront Meenakshi on the topic of Kunal and Kuhu’s marriage.

Meenakshi in her blind ego and arrogance talks with Parul in a rude manner and also tries to blackmail her about her position in the house. She says I have done so much for you and Kunal, hence if still, you ask clarifications from me then I will not care about anybody. I will send you to the village by today only and I will get this done by Kunal.

In the Rajvansh house, everybody gets drunk when Kunal asks Abir that all his life he lived as a class monitor so he doesn’t know what a backbencher should do? Abhi says a backbencher has only one work to do that is breaking the rules, the only rule they follow is no rule.

Meanwhile, they all see a girl enters the house and the song is playing in the background. Abeer and Kunal get up and start to dance with that girl along with other housemates on the song called aankh mare.

In the Maheshwari house, the girls are celebrating hens party and the same song is going on at that event as well. Kuhu, Jasmeet, Varsha, Rajshree and Mishti all are together dancing and celebrating Kuhu’s hens party. In the middle of all these celebrations, Mishti thinks that this is the correct time for her to have a word with Kunal.

On the other side, Abir suddenly imagines that Mishti is standing at the door and comes in he goes and takes her hand in his. He looks at her happily and says I love you to confess his love for her. Soon he realized that it was his imagination and he is holding his grandfather hands who also tell him I love you too in return. Kunal in a drunken mode says to all that he is also pretending to love someone and he does the acting of love perfect. Abir says he must have faked his love for Meenakshi and laughs with everyone.

Kunal says no one is listening to my words and says I will say it today anyway. He goes out of the house and tries to paddle Jugnu’s cycle. Jugnu comes there and asks where is he going with his cycle? Kunal asks Jugnu to paddle the cycle as he wants to go to Maheshwari house. Abir request to Yashpal that he wants to meet an angry girl. Nanu tells him that he will spell magic here and Mishti will appear but for that, you have to close your eyes.

Mishti is walking on the road and continuously trying to contact Kunal but Kunal is not taking her phone. She enters Rajvansh house and at the same time, Kunal also exits from the house with Jugnu. Nanu tells Abir to close his eyes and until he gives a green signal do not open it and he ask others as well to close their eyes. Abir slowly opens has highest to find Mishti in front of him and he goes to her.

Abir brings Mishti to his room while on the other side Kuhu spots Kunal at her house when Jasmeet gives her a necklace for her wedding. Kuhu makes an excuse of trying the dress which Rajshri gifted her and comes upstairs to meet him. She takes him to his room and talks while Mishti is in Abir’s room and Abir asks her why she is so beautiful and Mishti smiles seeing him in such a state.

Abir asked Mishti that if she wants to say anything to him? Mishti doesn’t answer anything but kissed a boy on his chicks and tries to escape from there when Abir holds her hand and both falls on the bed. Another side Kunal tries to speak up in front of Kuhu as he is so much guilty for hurting her intentionally. Abir tries to confess his love to Mishti but she stops him. Abir drags her to bed and places his head on her lap and ask her to caress. Mishti says no matter what is going on in my life? You always give me a chance to be happy. Suddenly, she hears Meenakshi’s voice and gets scared.

Precap – Nanu asks if Mishti is hesitating then you confess your love for her.