Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 7th January 2020 Written Update: ABIR FINDS OUT ABOUT MISHTI AND NISHANT’S ROKA

The episode starts with Kuhu telling Abir that she will manage to arrange everything for the roka alone since it would be tough for him. Abir, who is not aware that the roka is Mishti and Nishant’s, insists that he wants to help her since he wants to do something that makes him forget everything else. He is driving and asks Kuhu if the event is near her house. Kuhu says it’s inside the gate. Parul asks Jugnu what letter he was talking about and he told her that Mishti gave him the letter. Just then the doorbell rings and Nidhi starts scolding Jugnu for not doing anything. She goes to open the door and sees that Vishambharnath and Shaurya have come. They greet her and say that they are there to meet Nanu. Nidhi welcomes them inside and Nanu and Meenakshi come.

Abir stops the car in front of Maheshwari Mansion and asks Kuhu if she needs to get something from there. Kuhu says that she has to take inside the stuff they bought. Abir is confused and says that the function shall happen in her client’s house but Kuhu gets out of the car. Abir gets out too and asks her where is the roka. Kuhu tells him that the roka will take place there only. Mishti sees them and thinks that Abir is talking so casually about her roka just to show her that he doesn’t care.

Vishambharnath invites Nanu and others to Mishti and Nishant’s roka. Nidhi wonders who is the girl. Vishambharnath says that she is one in a million. Meenakshi asks him who she is so he reveals that it’s Mishti making all shocked. Nanu asks why so soon. Vishambharnath apologizes for not telling them before and asks them to come in the roka if possible. Meenakshi says that they will surely come and bring a gift in a golden matka like it is traditionally done among gujratis. Vishambharnath says that Mishti doesn’t need any gift in gold as she is gold herself. They leave.

On the other hand Mishti taunts Abir saying that guests has already started to come. Kuhu says that Abir is not a guest. Mishti says that she has no problem if anyone wants to help to make her roka look more beautiful. She welcomes Abir and asks him to decorate the house like never before since tomorow it is going to be a special day for her and it must be memorable for everyone. Abir thinks that Mishti is doing everything purposely to hurt him and wonders if she hates him so much. Mishti thinks that Abir wants to show that he has moved on and wonders if he hates her so much too.

Nanu looks for Abir everywhere in the house. Meenakshi says that he must be at office but Nidhi tells her that she called Abir in the office but he isn’t there. Meenakshi asks everybody why they are worrying so much about Mishti’s roka. Nanu says that they are worried about Abir not Mishti because he will get heartbroken if he hears about Mishti’s roka since he hasn’t forgotten her yet. Meenakshi gets frustrated and says that she has had enough of Mishti. Parul says that they need to support Abir in this difficult time the way they all cheered up Kunal together when he was upset. Meenakshi requests them not to take Mishti’s name in this house if they want to do something for Abir. Nidhi apologizes. Parul thinks that she has to do something without wasting time.

Kuhu and Abir enters in Maheshwari Mansion. Kuhu asks Mishti where everybody is and she tells her that they went for shopping. Kuhu asks her if she is sure about marrying Nishant and Mishti replies that she is. Kuhu goes out to take something she forgot in the car. Abir and Mishti starts throwing indirects to each other. Abir says that there are some strange people who doesn’t want to see someone’s face but calls the same for help. Mishti says that she didn’t call him for help. Abir says why she would call him since she has a boyfriend now. Mishti corrects him saying fiancee.
Nishant comes and meets Kuhu outside. She sees fast food in his hands and asks him if she brought it to cheer Mishti up. She asks him to come with her since she needs to talk with him.

In the house Abir thinks that Mishti was hers three months ago while Mishti thinks that she came back and wanted him to tell her that he broke their relation because he was forced to do so. Abir thinks that she came back but just to show that she is someone else’s. Mishti thinks that she won’t beg him anymore. She gets hurt with a thorn of the roses she was holding. Abir rushes to her but she says that she can take care of herself as she has already tried depending on him. Abir says that he still can’t see others in pain. Before Mishti could say anything else, Abir gets a call and leaves.

Parul goes back to Jugnu and asks him about the letter again. Jugnu tells her that Mishti came last night to meet Abir and he thought that everything would be fine as he had seen Mishti hugging the balloons Abir sent her but instead Abir got angry after meeting Mishti. Parul recalls Abir tearing the letter and goes to the gate. She picks up the pieces of the letter which were still on the ground and starts joining them.
Kuhu talks with Nishant and asks him if he is sure that he wants to see Mishti’s face every morning plus they are just friends. Nishant says that all love stories are not perfect like hers. Kuhu gets happy remembering that Kunal doesn’t love her and married her just for Meenakshi. Kuhu tells Nishant that Mishti doesn’t love him instead love someone else. Nishant says that for him love is friendship. Kuhu asks him if he is sure that he won’t feel anything except friendship for Mishti for whole his life as when you don’t get loved back you will get hurt. Nishant looks on. Kuhu asks him to take care. Nishant thanks her for supporting him. Kuhu says that she isn’t very excited for his bride but she will look the hottest in his wedding. Jugnu pulls her leg.

Parul asks Jugnu if he was sure that Mishti was happy when she came to meet Abir. He says yes. She asks Jugnu if he lost the letter for a while before giving it to Abir. Jugnu remembers dropping the letter once. Parul asks him not to tell anybody that she asked him anything.
Kunal calls Abir and asks him if he still loves Mishti. Abir thinks that he loves Mishti and will love him forever but tells Kunal that he doesn’t love her. Mishti overhears and thinks that these words should not affect her. Abir tells Kunal that he didn’t know that Kuhu was arranging decoration for Mishti’s roka or else he would have never come. He asks Kunal to send Jugnu to help Kuhu.

Mishti thinks that Abir can’t reject her once again. When Abir cuts the call, Mishti asks Abir to leave before her family comes and says that she will help Kuhu herself. She tells Abir that she doesn’t want to see him in her roka. Abir is hurt and walks towards the car. Mishti thinks that she is rejecting him before he rejects her. Dheere dheere plays. Abir sits in the car while Mishti walks inside the house. (Episode ends)

Precap: Kuhu is crying and asks Abir to ask Kunal why he had spiked Nishant’s drink. She joins her hands in front of Abir and says that you and your brother shall stop hurting her family. Abir wonders if he misunderstood Mishti. Mishti is crying when she hears Abir saying that love cannot be forgotten. She turns around and sees him there.