Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 7th March 2020 Written Update: Meenakshi and Kunal transfers their property to Mishti

In the today’s episode it is seen Kunal bringing Kuhu for her birthday celebration. Abir and Mishti reveal that they are going to present a magic show for her. Kunal unveils the cover of MISHBIR magic show. Abir and Mishbir show the magic tricks and asks Kuhu to guess which gift who has given. Kuhu guess each one’s gift. She gets seeing the surprises.

Kuhu asks Kunal where his gift is. Abir interrupts and says he wants to give gift in no one’s presence. Kunal and Mishti asks Abir to shut. Ahead, Kunal and Kuhu hugs each other. Abir asks Kuhu to open the last gift. Parul asks Abir and Mishti to return her gift. Abir asks Kuhu to open her gift. Parul says gift is simple.

When Kuhu opens Parul’s gift she finds silver earring. Kuhu says she don’t wear silver earrings. Parul says she will gift her something later but Kunal interrupts and says they don’t want materialistic gift. They just want her blessings.  Meanwhile, Meenakshi things of a plan to create misunderstand Mishti and Kuhu. She thinks Kuhu is jealous of Mishti and her next plan will be successful

Further, Abir spots Meenakshi standing out. He asks her what she is doing her. Meenakshi lies to Abir but Abir doubts her.  There, Mishti asks Parul to give the earrings to her. Parul gets happy. Abir too feels glad of Mishti for taking earring brough by Parul which was rejected by Kuhu.

In the morning, Kuhu feels bad for rejecting Parul’s earring. And Meenakshi to make Kuhu jealous more reveals to her that Mishti took earrings from Parul. Meanwhile, Maheswari family comes and Kuhu meets them. Meenakshi thinks she ignited hatred in Kuhu’s heart against Mishti. Further, Rajvansh’s and Maheswari’s celebrate pre-Holi function.

Meenakshi asks Abir to start the function but Kuhu interrupts and says she and Kunal wants to do Holika Dahan. Mishti and Abir allow her. Later, Meenkshi says Kuhu gets a chance to perform the ritual now she will give gift to Mishti. Everyone gets shocked learning Kunal and Meenakshi transferred their business with Mishti. Kuhu stands stunned.

Mishti gets teary and seeks blessing from Meenakshi and thanks Kunal. Episode ends with Mishti falling down.

Next week: Meeenakshi doubts Kuhu behind Mishti falling. Kuhu cries and says she is behind Mishti’s condition as on her birthday she got property as gift.