Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 7th November 2019 Written Update: Mishti learns about Mehul’s truth!

Today’s episode starts with Mishti asks people out there showing Parul’s picture. Priest sees Parul’s picture and ask Mishti if she was searching her and gives her half information. Kuhu worries for Mishti. Rajshri tries to connect to Mishti but couldn’t connect to her and worries thinking if Mishti has gone to Rajgahr.

Mishti cries thinking Abir misses his family but he can’t stay with them because of Mehul. She says Mehul is not the right person and to find his real identity she needs to inquire about Mehul. Rajshri reads Mishti’s letter where she has mentioned not to get angry.

Lady sees Meenakshi and Mehul’s picture in Mishti’s mobile and asks Mishti how she knows Mehul. Lady tells to Mishti that Mehul is Parul’s wife. Mishti stands shocked.

Abir reads poem and Mehul praises him. Mehul says to Abir that today he will make his day special. There, Lalita tells Mishti about Mehul and Parul’s story. She gets emotional thinking Parul. Mishti thinks after seeing Mehul why Parul didn’t reacted. Later, Mishti learns that Kunal is Mehul and Parul’s child.

Other side, Kunal tells to Abir that today at his special day they will not think of anything and will only dance. Kitu comes and Abir and Kunal gets happy. Mehul thinks he want only his property and after that he will leave.

Mishit tells to Lalita that she knows about her sister Parul and Kunal. Inspector comes and ask Mishti and Lalita to accompany him to the station to give there statement against the thief.

Ahead, Rajshri, Kuhu worries for Kuhu. At police station, Mishti gives her statement and inspector asks to call Lalita. Mishti thinks if Parul is Mehul’s wife than why she is hiding the truth. She thinks to discuss the matter with Abir. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Mehul kidnaps Mishit and threatens her to shut her mouth.