Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 7th October 2019 written update:- Mishti develops a doubt on Kunal and Kuhu

The episode begins with Abir shouting at her mother for causing harm to Mehul. Kunal blames Mishti once again for bringing back Mehul in the house and make them argue among each other. He is about to snap at Mishti when Abir comes in between and shouts at him.

Kunal leaves from there, Kuhu and Varsha also go behind him to calm him down. Varsha asks for an apology from Kunal on behalf of Mishti but Kuhu stops her says this is not our fault, we are nowhere involved in all the things that are happening. Hence, you will not apologize to anybody on behalf of anyone else I will not let you do so.

Kunal says I don’t know who is at fault and who is not but right now I want to be alone so please allow me some space. Varsha agrees for it and lets Kunal go but she cries in worry of her daughter Kuhu.

Varsha and Mishti are coming back home and Mishi informs Vishwambhar that they are on their way. Mishti notices Varsha is crying so she asks her what is wrong? Parul is opening medicine to Meenakshi but she is reluctant to have it.

Kunal intervenes in the conversation and says whoever is responsible for your sadness will going to pay for this. I will bring back my brother home and I will also teach a lesson for bringing back that man in our life.

In the Rajvansh house, Abir is helping Kuhu to arrange the stuff post the birthday party. Kuhu says on your birthday, I prayed for you to be forever smiling and happy but you’re completely transformed into angry and man upstairs and I really got scared. Abir asks do you really think I overreacted? I am not thinking like that.

Kuhu says to Abir she is handling one angry man in the house already hence she doesn’t need another one. Abir smiles and says Kunal will forget fighting with time being with you.

Mishti is in house and she had a talk with Varsha too. She promised Varsha that she will not let Kuhu and Kunal harm each other as it is she who brought them together. Mishti is in a dilemma to call Abir or not? she talks on a video call when Mishti tells Abir that he shouldn’t talk to Meenakshi aunty like that. She is his mother and she must be hurt. Mishti asks Abir to sort out differences between him and his mother and only then she will come to meet him tomorrow.

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In the morning, Mishti is having a phone conversation with Ananya who let her know about her meeting with Kuhu some days ago at a restaurant. Ananya shares with Mishti that Kuhu is talking about marriage problems in one of her friend’s lives. Mishti gets more doubtful and thinks if it is really for her friend or she herself?

In the morning, Abir comes to Meenakshi in front of the temple and he lowered his gaze. He says I made a mistake by insulting my mother. Whatever I did is due to insecurities and uncertainty. what I said that shouldn’t be uttered by a son and shouldn’t be listened to by a mother. He says I can’t you can ask sorry but still if you think wisely then please forgive me.

Later on, Mehul and Abir are having a competition over who can eat most of the water balls that is Pani Puri. Mehul started coughing while eating the balls, Abir got panicked but Mehul calmed him down by saying him that he is fine Mehul than asked Abir to listen to him he told Abir that he has a task to finish and he won’t be at peace if he doesn’t finish it, but your mother?  both look at each other shocked. (Episode Ends)

Precap – Mehul asks for the Mishti alliance from the Maheswari family.