Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 9th September 2020 Written Update: Mishti refuses to adopt a baby

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 9th September 2020 Written Update on

Today’s episode starts with Meenakshi stopping Abir. She says she won’t allow anyone else’s sin as the heir of her house. She says she has stopped helping helpless. Kunal asks Meenakshi if she think alike about him too. Meenakshi tries to defend herself but Abir argue with her on Kunal’s behalf. Abir and Meenakshi have a word of war. Abir decides to leave the house with Mishti early morning, after Meenakshi says to him that the house belongs to her and whatever she wants only that will happen.

Abir apologizes to Kunal on Meenkahsi’s behalf. He asks Kunal and Kuhu not to let their bond affected because of Meenakshi. The four of them group hug together. Here, Vishambhar decides to meet Mishti. Varsha asks Vishambhar not to get angry on Abir because of Meenakshi. Mishti on video call meets Vishmabhar. Varsha invites Misbir and Kunal, Kuhu for lunch. Abir decides to talk with Vishambhar about adoption. Mishti thinks she is not able to understand whether they should adopt baby or not.

There, Kuhu thinks Abir and Meenakshi’s fight is affecting Kunal. Kuhu asks Kunal to have lunch. Kunal asks Kuhu when she learned, Varsha is not her birth mother. Kuhu tells him that Varsha and her father explained her once they went for picnic.

Other side, Kaushal questions Meenakshi how she can bad-mouth about Kunal. Meenakshi asks Kaushal to concentrate on Abir. Here, Mishti and Abir talks about adoption. Mishti says in this condition she think adopting baby is not a good idea.

Meanwhile, Kuhu makes Kunal understand that he too can do much more for the family. Kunal thanks Kuhu for her suggestion. Later, Abir gets a call from Vishambhar, Vishambhar asks Abir to forgive him for his harsh words. Abir and Vishmabhar share a talk.

There, Kunal go to Meenakshi and asks her to find a way instead of separating Mishbir. Meenakshi thinks upon Kunal’s word.
In the morning, Mishbir and Kuhu Kunal reach Maheswari mansion. Rajshree feeds them jalebi. Rajshree and Vishambhar ignore Mishti. Mishti stands confused. Later, hearing Rajshee and Vishambhar, Mishti stands tearful. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Meenakshi brings the topic of surrogacy. Abir later learn, Meenakshi took sleeping pills.