Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke: Abir and Mishti engagement date is fixed:

In the upcoming episode of Star Plus popular show Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke, Mehul will search for the person enquiring him in temple while Mishti hides behind a Goddess idol. Mehul will talk to the priest and priest will tell him that its strange to see him here as a lady was just asking about him. Mehul will think it is Meenakshi and leaves wondering what she is upto. Mishti will wonder why Mehul came here and why was he searching for her. Her suspicions will get stronger that he is definitely hiding something and dint want anyone to find it.

Rajvansh family will come to Maheswari’s to celebrate Karva Chauth. Meenakshi blesses Kuhu and will tell everyone that Kunal is stuck in an important meeting. Abir will tell Kuhu, Kunal will definitely come. Rajshri informs Meenakshi that there are two auspicious dates for engagement. One date is after months and another is just two days away. Meenakshi will tell Rajshri to keep it after two days surprising Abir. Nidhi will ask her why she chose a closer date as Abir is leaving after engagement. Nanu will tell Nidhi that it is his decision, we cant delay it for our happiness. Abir will ask Rajshri where Mishti is. Rajshri will be confused and tells him Mishti is at his NGO office. Abir will cover up for Mishti and tell Rajshri she is at office. He will check in mobile tracker and surprised to see she it at Rajgarh.

Meenakshi will ask Kuhu to complete her fast looking at Kunal’s photo like Jasmeet. Kunal will come there and tell them photo is not required. He will look around to see if any journalist is hiding. Kuhu will complete her fast. Abir will leave to bring Mishti. Rajshri will ask Meenakshi if they should perform engagement as per gujrati ritual. Meenakshi will tell her they can do as per Abir and Mishti wish.

Mishti’s car breaks down enroute and She is surprised to see Abir. Abir will ask her what she is doing her and why she lied. In the heat of the argument Mishti will blurt out that Mehul is lying to him and is hiding truth. Abir will get angry and leaves her. Mishti will scream to Abir not to go and then she will realize its all a dream. Abir will ask her what happened. Mishti will faint and the driver will tell him she dint eat or drink anything whole day. Abir will take her to the temple and will feed her Prasad. Mishti will wake up and Abir will get emotional and scold her for fasting for him.

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