Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke: Abir is in for a major shock

In the upcoming episode of Star Plus popular show Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke, we will be seeing Meenakshi instigating Abir against Mishti. She will tell him Mishti didn’t tell him the truth because she cared only about herself. She will also tell him that Mishti went to Rajgarh on both Karva Chauth and their engagement day to gather evidence against Mehul in the police station and accuse her of being silent and not telling him anything. She knew this through Lakshman whom she sent. Abir will get angry on Meenakshi that inspite of knowing Mehul was dangerous she let Mishti alone. He will get into an argument with Meenakshi and leaves angrily.

Kuhu will get Mishti ready to go to Rajvansh House. Mishti will tell Kuhu even if Abir decides to leave her she won’t let him. She will tell Kuhu that Kunal neither loves or values her. She will tell her to respect herself. They leave for Rajvansh house.

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ये रिश्ते हैं प्यार के :- अबीर को पता चला एक चौंकाने वाला सच

Abir will stop his car near the construction site. Meenakshi will follow him and ask him to understand her reasons. Abir will tell her sternly he can’t leave Mishti. Meenakshi will say she knows this, Its time he decides whether he choose love or family. She will call Parul and tell Abir, if he doesn’t leave Mishti there will be two functions at home and gives his wedding card and another card to Parul asking her to read.

Parul will beg Meenakshi not to do this. Abir will read the Naam Karan invites in which it mentioned the Naming ceremony for Kunal Kapadia son of Parul and Mehul Kapadia. Abir will be shocked. Parul will tearfully admit they hid this truth for so long and Kunal is her son. Abir will be speechless.

Well now that Abir knows the shocking truth, we just need to wait and watch if he will leave Mishti to protect Kunal or not. Stay tuned for updates.