Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke: Abir join hand with Kunal to help him get Kuhu back

In the upcoming episode of star plus popular show Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke,The Maheshwari’s will take Kuhu along with them mentioning she will be from bride side. Kuhu will look expectantly at Kunal but he will remain silent. Abir will inform the family that they will come tomorrow to take their brides with them. Kuhu will leave house thinking she will never come back again.

While Mishti feel worried to live here when Abir is not even talking to his mother. At home Kuhu will remainupset while Mishti praise her for stealing everybody’s heart at her in-laws house. Rajshri and Varsha will come and ask them to sleep on time. Rajshri will gift earrings which she had made for Akshara to Kuhu. She will playfully take Mishti’s phone and give to Varsha.

Abir will worry about Kunal and Kuhu and message Mishti about it asking her to meet him. Jasmeet will tell Varsha that Mishti will ruin the happiness of Kuhu. Varsha will not take it seriously. Mishti’s phone pings but when Varsha try to read if its important,it will be locked.

Abir will try reverse psychology with Kunal and take out all their wedding picture and tell him he will help him to get rid of Kuhu from his life. Kunal will finally confess he don’t want a divorce from Kuhu. Abir will tell him that he has to make an effort and express his love to Kuhu first.

Kunal will tell him he can’t express like him. Abir will promise to help him. The next day Meenakshi will prepare haldi and Parul will take that for the haldi ceremony. Meenakshi will be grateful. Meenakshi will give a document to Yashpal mentioning she had bequeathed the house in Mishti’s name and hope Abir will forgive her.

Abir and family have a fun haldi while Meenakshi watch from afar. At the Maheshwari’s too all will dance and enjoy. Mishti will take picture from Kuhu phone and suddenly it rings. She will pick it up and lawyer inform her to be in court at 2. 45 before hearing. When she confront Kuhu will lie saying it’s a spa appointment.

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