Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke- Abir to realize Shweta’s lies!

In Star Plus’s freshly brewed love story Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke just as a new bud of love touched the lives of Kuhu and Kunal, his ex-fiancé Sweta came back to play the villain in the love story. Sweta left Kunal ages ago because she thought she could do better with the money offered by Meenakshi than trying and struggling with Kunal for love. Such a selfish woman is back again now for more money and this time she wants to break off Kunal and Kuhu’s budding love for one another. She is again trying to hurt Kunal for her own selfish motives by faking love in front of him.

Kunal has confronted her about why she left in the first place to which she lies by showing her fake compulsions. But it looks like her lies and fake act won’t last long as in the upcoming episode, we will see Abir discovering her lies. He will then openly challenge her that he will bring her true colors out for everybody to see. Also, he will threaten her to leave Kunal alone and go away from his life. He reprimands Sweta by saying if she ever tries to hurt him in any way, he will not leave her easy.

But will she leave Kunal so easily? This doesn’t seem like happening anytime soon. As she has backup form Meenakshi, they are sure to come up with new ideas to let her stay in Kunal’s life and plot against Kuhu getting together with him. In the meantime, Abir and Mishti will try together to lighten up the situation for Kuhu and Kunal. They will secretly plan and arrange for Kuhu and Kunal’s meeting. Keep tuning to the show and follow us for more updates.