Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke: Abir’s Birthday Gifts

Star Plus’s most popular television show Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke is seeing a major twist these days with the arrival of Abir’s father Mehul. As reported earlier, the Rajvansh family is all set to celebrate Abir’s Birthday and Yashpal gives an envelope to Abir as his gift. However before Abir opens it, Mehul would tell him, that he wants to give him his gift of truth. He confesses that he did run away after being accused of fraud fearing the arrest of police. He will also accept that it is his fault for deserting his family instead of proving his innocence.

Parul out of anger and nervousness would insist Abir open Yashpal’s gift. Abir finds the newspaper clippings of Mehul’s fraud and would think it is Meenakshi’s plan to defame his father. He would refuse to listen to his family and insists that he trusts his father. Abir would accuse his mother, while Kuhu will interrupt everyone and remind them that no fighting on Abir’s birthday and to concentrate on the celebration.
Abir Video calls Mishti and would demand that she meet him today. Mishti had already kept a surprise gift for him but will hesitate to disturb his family time. Elsewhere Parul would share her apprehension with Yashpal about keeping Kunal’s parentage a secret, now that Mehul has returned home.

Kuhu plans a surprise birthday party for Abir and asks for Kunal’s help. The two will share a sweet nok-jhok and Kunal seem to be softening towards Kuhu. Mehul would decide to build a Ganesh mandir in Rajvansh’s house. Meenakshi warns him to keep his dirty tricks and his mandir in his own room. The two would have a faceoff and Mehul would refuse to leave his son.

Now it will be interesting to watch what Meenakshi would do to win Abir’s trust. Stay tuned for more daily updates.