Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke: Abir’s clever Ploy

Star Plus popular shows Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke is witnessing major drama now that Mehul’s intentions are clear. In the upcoming episode, Jugnu will call Mishti and tell her Abir left with Mehul. Nanu will tell her that he has left angrily and never going to return, he will ask her to pacify him as he listens only to her. Mishti will promise to get Abir back.

Abir will vent out his anger on his mom to Mehul while driving rashly. Mehul will think Abir not only left house but also turned his back on the property, he will plan to make him understand. But Abir will tell him they are going to meet a lawyer right away and they both will sign the legal papers saying we don’t need a single penny of her money. Mehul will panic by his words and also by the way he drive rashly. He will yell at Abir to stop the jeep. Abir will tell Mehul that they will twach a lesson to Mom that all cant be bought with money. At one point Mehul will lose his cool and shout at Abir and call him an idiot and say he should go back to Meenakshi as all this property belongs to him. Abir will say yes he was naïve and stupid. He came to know his truth long time ago but wanted to hear from him.

Mishti will come there and Mehul angrily start towards her. Abir will stop him and warn. Police comes with arrest warrant. Mehul will say Abir Kapadia is the culprit and scam is run on his name. Meenakshi will come there and says no. She will show some papers to Police and they arrest Mehul as they have evidence against him. Mehul will warn Mishti that he will come back and leaves.

Abir will break down and apologise to Meenakshi for hurting her and disappointing her. She will console him and Abir finally understand Meenakshi. Kunal will cry that he was not a good brother and couldn’t stop Abir. Abir will come back to Rajvansh house and hugs Kunal.

To know more keep watching the show and stay tuned for updates.