Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke: Abir’s inner battle

In the upcoming episode of Star Plus popular show Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke Abir will be shocked to see Mishti when Nishant introduce her as his partner for the project. Mishti will act indifferently towards Abir and offers her hand for a formal handshake. Kunal will be surprised and ask when she came back from London. Mishti will introduce Kunal to Nishant as Kuhu’s husband and Abir as his brother. She will call Nishant as Nannu while Nannu ask her not to call him by that name. Mishti will tell him teasingly she love Nannu. Abir will recollect the time when Mishti wrongly sent a message for Nannu to him. They will reschedule the meeting. While leaving Mishti will accidentally trip and fall in the pool. Abir will jump in and carries her out. Nannu will thank him for saving her as he can’t swim. Mishti will tell Nannu she can swim and take care of herself. She will tell Abir he jumped in for no reason.

Abir will drive rashly thinking about Mishti and Nannu. Kunal will ask if they should cancel the project. Abir will tell him its important for their business and doesn’t matter if Mishti is Nishant’s partner. He will ask Kunal to promise he wont tell anything about today to Meenakshi. Kunal will promise. Meenakshi will see Abir angry and ask Kunal. Kunal will lie for him.

 Mishti will play a prank on everyone by saying there is a thief at the house. But Kuhu will be mistaken for a thief in dark and the women beat her. They will be surprised to see Nannu and he reveal it is Mishti plan. They will pamper him with food and Varsha will ask if he has a girlfriend. Kuhu will chide them about starting this topic instead of planning party. Rajshri will usher everyone to do preparation leaving Mishti and Nannu alone. Abir will call Nannu and he switch it on by mistake while speaking to Mishti. Overhearing them talking about keeping the truth a secret from their family Abir will assume they are in a relationship and gets heartbroken.

To know more keep watching the show and stay tuned.