Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke- between thunderstorms and accident, love wins!

In Star Plus’s fresh young show that tells two different love stories in its tale, Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke is now going through a lovely phase for its fans as both of the lead pairs are moving ahead in their respective love stories. In the recent episode, Abir was caught up outside on the roads while there was a heavy thunderstorm. Mishti risked her life to go and search for him. She finally found him and rescued him somehow.

Now in the upcoming episode, Abir will regain his consciousness slowly in the hospital and when he does that, he realizes Mishti is taking rest nearby. He will hold her hand and pretend to be asleep in the hospital bed. Mishti tires to free her hand but he will hold even tighter so she will let him sleep like that. She will decide to wait for some time for him to wake up as he refuses to let her hand go out of his hold.

Later, when he finally wakes up, Mishti gets enraged with him for being stupid and putting his life at risk by driving in the thunderstorm. She will scold him for taking such a dangerous step but Abir will confront her instead for going out to seek him out risking her own life in the process. He will ask why she did so but Mishti will not express her feelings that easily even though they are very palpable. Their love is surely paving its path to the ultimate destiny.

On the other hand, Kunal and Kuhu’s love story is also gearing up for its destined result. Kunal will visit Abir at the hospital and tell him he is going to run away with Kuhu if their family opposes to their relationship. Abir will get the thrilling hearing it and he will hug Kunal promising to help him any way he could. Meanwhile, Meenakshi will also decide to meet the Maheshworis.