Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke: Is Meenakshi upto something?


In the upcoming episode of star plus popular show Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke, Kunal will discuss with Abir about his decision to keep their mother away from wedding. Abir will confess that he felt bad but after seeing the fear in Maheshwari and Rajshri he just said what he thought will be better for all. He will ask Kunal to help him in making Sangeet special for Mishti. Kunal agree. Kuhu will inform everyone for Sangeet she is from bride side. Looking at Kuhu, Kunal think to do something for her in Sangeet so she forget to leave by 15th. He fear to lose her.

Rajshri will ask Vishamber to talk to Abir and he refuse saying it was Abir’s decision. He will confess to Rajshri that he had decided to get Mishti married to Nannu only after Meenakshi threatened him. Abir will hear it from balcony and is shocked.

Later Mishti worry about his decision for which he cheer her. Kuhu and Kunal get into a nok-jhok about Kuhu secret theme for Sangeet. Mishti will thank Kunal for everything. Seeing Kunal and Mishti talk Rajshri will be relieved that for first time she feel Mishti will be happy here. Meenakshi will call Lakahman and request his help. Abir will think she is planning yet again to sabotage and leave angrily.

Jasmeet will not take part in Sangeet preparation, so the family pretend to be unsure of dance steps and mess it up purposely. Jasmeet will finally come and tell that their Banghra is wrong and teach them.

Kuhu confess that she don’t have theme yet. The Rajvansh practice for Sangeet. Meenakshi will tearfully watch from above. She will call up Lakshman to come inside. Lakshman disguise himself as Rajvansh servant.

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