Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke: Kuhu leaves Rajvanvansh House

Star plus popular daily show Yeah Rishtey Hain Pyaar Keep is going through a major twist where Kunal gives divorce papers to Kuhu in order to stop Mishti from marrying Abir.

In the upcoming episode, Abir will think about his father’s words.He will find some love letters of Mishti in his clothes.He will realize his mistake and thinks to set everything right with Mishti.Mehul will ask what Abir thought about his advice last night.Abir will say he is right that this family will not accept Mishti or give the love she deserves.Meenakshi will send Parul and Vidhi somewhere to search for the lost necklace.

Mishti will try to tell Varsha the truth about Kuhu when Kuhu will call Varsha and tells she will come there to stay for few days for Dussera festival.Kuhu will pretend everything is fine while Kunal looks on.Kuhu and Abir will share an emotional moment and Abir will take her home.Kuhu will lie to Rajvansh family she is going for dussesra.Meenakshi will think that something happened between Kuhu and Kunal.

Abir will message Mishti to meet him.Mishti will still be hurt.Kuhu will confess to Abir that Kunal has told her the truth on their wedding night that he don’t love her and had only pretended.Abir will get shocked and asks her why she dint tell either of the family.Kuhu will say that she had hoped he will change and love her but now she knows its not happening and its time to give up.Abir will feel sad for her.

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