November 13, 2019
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Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke- Kuhu to be devastated with Kunal’s behavior!

Star Plus’s popular show Yeh Rishte Hai Pyar Ke just concluded a special episode which presented a super dramatic declaration from Kunal to his newly wedded wife Kuhu that their marriage is just a sham and nothing else. Kunal is trying to stop Mishti from getting closer to Abir than she already is and in all of this he is using Kuhu and his marriage with her as a pawn. This twist in the tale is surely going to revive the age-old hatred between the two families which was dissipated with the wedlock between him and Kuhu. Now that the families will be aware of what actually has happened and the newly established relationship is just a sham carefully planned by Meenakshi along with Kunal, more drama is sure to unfold.

In the upcoming episode, Misti will feel sad and devastated thinking about Kunal’s words that soon Kuhu will return to her maika forever. She will think why would Kunal say those to word to her if Kunal loves Kuhu. Misti will plan to call Abir about it but will see Ketik’s live video of Kuhu’s Griha Pravesh. Abir will ask Kunal to smile during Griha Pravesh. Vishambhar will make an unexpected announcement regarding Mishti, he will ask Jasmeet and Shaurya to apologize to Misti. Meanwhile, Rajshri will ask her for a favor.

During their first night, Kunal will behave in a weird manner with Kuhu. Kunal will sleep on the sofa. Kuhu will ask him why he is doing so and if there is something that is bothering him but Kunal will tell him to go to sleep.

Kunal will yell at her to which Kuhu will promise that she will not let Abir go close to Misti during her phag-phere ceremony. Kunal will tell her that she will not return to which Kuhu will ask for how long? Kunal will reply never. Kuhu will then feel shattered and horrified as she realizes he is not joking.

On the other side, Abir and Misti will chat in a video call. Keep this space abuzz for more updates.

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