Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke- Kunal to feel sorry for betraying Kuhu!

Get ready for a power packed week ahead as more drama unfolds in Star Plus’s popular show Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke. The show had a drastic change in the past week as Kuhu’s family got together with Kunal’s family to discuss the relationship between their children and wanted to find out the possibility for an alliance between them. So, spoilers are that this family union trial will continue in the upcoming episodes as well. In the upcoming episode of the show, Parul will be all set to go visit a temple and Abir will offer her a ride to reach there. On their way to the temple, they will discuss the Maheshwari visit and what it could mean for the upcoming days in their lives.

Here, Kunal will find Meenu and confront her about the recent happenings and her link to them. Later as the episode progresses, Mishti will text Abir wanting to know about his family members. On the other side, Kunal will feel guilty that he betrayed Kuhu. Abir will talk to Mishti’s parents and make a promise to them. Suddenly, the weather will go weird and there will be a heavy thunderstorm. Unable to reach Abir or contact him, Mishti will get worried for him and then as impulsive as she could get, she will just storm out of the house to go find him.

Certainly, love has the power to give strength and dedication to people to go through any lengths to keep their loved ones safe. Will Kunal be able to do the same? Will he be able to forgive himself for everything and hold Kuhu’s hand now not to leave ever? The show is getting pretty interesting for sure. Keep this space abuzz for more news.