Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke- Kunal will try to turn Kuhu against Mishti!

Star Plus’s popular love story drama Yeh Rishte Hain Pyaar Ke is seeing the gray side of Kunal these days as he becomes aware of the relationship between Abir and Mishti. Kunal and Meenakshi have not taken the relationship between Abir and Mishti in good light given all the past history between them. They both have been plotting to separate them anyhow ever since they realized that Abir and Mishti have started falling in love and are going into it deeper by every moment.

Now in the upcoming episodes of the show, we will get to see a cunning Kunal trying to turn Kuhu more against Mishti as she has been apprehensive of her from the beginning itself. Kunal and Kuhu will talk about Misti. Kunal will tell Kuhu that life is very much like a business and Misti is being clever before the most important deal i.e their marriage.

Kunal will further tell Kuhu that Misti is doing all this because of her selfishness and not out of the goodness of heart. Kuhu will reply to Kunal that she doesn’t know about Abir and Misiti apart from what he had told her. Here, Kuhu will give benefit of doubt to Mishti.

In the meantime, Abir and Yashpal will share a light-hearted moment. On the other side, Vishambar will confront Mishti about her actions. Furthermore, Nanu will tell Abir that Meenu and Parul have been the thickest of friends. He will go on to add that friends like them always have a secret.

Later as the episode progresses, Abir will present Misti with an unexpected gift. So, what will Mishti answer to Vishambar’s questioning? What secret is Nanu hinting at? What is the unexpected gift from Abir to Mishti? Tune in to the show for more. Do follow us for daily spoilers and hotshot gossips from tinsel town.