Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke: Meenakshi manipulate Mishti

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Star plus one of the most popular show Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke has always managed to keep the audience engaged with its interesting storyline and twists. As per current track we saw that Abir, Mishti and Kuhu-Kunal are spending their honeymoon at a resort without informing Meenakshi. Meenakshi on the other hand has been searching for Kunal and finally locate him with tracker and is hurt that he is at a resort without telling her.

In the upcoming episode, Kuhu will wear a long white kurta and try to seduce Kunal who will working their room. The two will dance to the song ‘humma humma’ , when they were about to kiss, Kunal will get a call from Meenakshi and he will get up to pick it inspite of Kuhu trying to stop him. Mishti and Abir will try to kiss when Kunal and Kuhu come there. Kunal will want to go back as Meenakshi called him urgently.

Abir will tell him its her strategy to get him to come back as she couldn’t bear the fact he left without telling her. Kuhu will side with Abir while Mishti and Kunal will try to talk sense to them. They will all agree not to call Meenakshi until they decide what to do or say to her.

Kaushal, Nanu and Parul will discuss about the kids being away and Meenakshi anger. Parul will tell Nanu that she will call Mishti tomorrow and ask them to come back. Meenakshi will hear them and insult Parul angrily. Nidhi will scold Parul and take Meenakshi away to have dinner. Mishti will message Ketki. Meenakshi will see it and divert Ketki to get Ajwain water for her and will read message.

Mishti will call Ketki to know what is happening and Meenakshi will pick it and apologize for ruining their holiday. She will tell Mishti she only need Kunal’s sign for an upcoming contract and then he can go back.

Abir will hear Mishti speaking to Meenakshiand Kuhu will start to accuse Mishti without letting her explain. Kunal will tell Kuhu to pack her bags. Abir will tell him they will come too but Mishti will refuse to go anywhere with Kuhu.

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